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Choosing the Right Enterprise Learning Management System for Your AMS

Choosing the Right Enterprise Learning Management System for Your AMS

While you might be hesitant to look for an enterprise learning management system (LMS) in such a crowded market, you are also probably well aware that your association management system would benefit from an efficiency boost (and the curriculum components an enterprise-grade LMS would provide).

If you choose wisely, there is no need to worry about the on-boarding process when integrating a new platform with your existing association management software. The right LMS will add value, not complications, to your organization’s workflow. Read on for tips on how to choose software that is the right fit for your AMS.

Task Automation Will Save Your (Work) Life

Look for a learning management system that redefines productivity for your organization by amplifying efficiency and innovation with proven technologies.

With an enterprise learning management system, your most time-consuming, repetitive tasks can be automated. Task automation can be used across the organization, not just within the LMS when you use an enterprise-grade platform.

If you’ve managed to get along just fine without task automation until now, that’s great, but “just fine” won’t be enough if your program experiences rapid growth. Your LMS platform should amplify the features that you love in your association management system and expand them intuitively, allowing your team to optimize the impact of their productivity even under the pressure of a growing task list. With automation, a hundred or a thousand new registrants can be handled as easily as a few dozen. That’s because, with the right LMS, your team will have a virtual workforce doing the heavy lifting on demand. Here are just some of the tasks that can be instantly automated with an enterprise-grade LMS:

  • Order fulfillment and payment processing.
  • Welcome and on-boarding emails.
  • Payment reminder emails.
  • Course status and CE credit accumulation updates for learners.
  • Post-assessment report notification for learners.
  • Course completion certificate distribution and printing.
  • Staff notifications for changes in enrollment figures and other key data sets.
  • Updates on support ticket requests statistics and customer service issues.
  • Distribution of reports and team member polls across the organization.

Look for an LMS with the ability to automate critical tasks across the organization.

Learn more about task automation and other features available through an enterprise-grade LMS-AMS integration.

Data Management Can Transform (or Break) Your Association’s Long-Term Growth Strategy

Require your potential LMS to make data management a “hands-free” affair.

Choose a platform that allows you to have easy access to all of your data in a dashboard format. Ask yourself:

  • Can I access all of my CE learner data through a single admin panel?
  • Are program-wide real-time and historical learner statistics readily available and viewable side-by-side?
  • Can I create customized data segments to review key metrics like user engagement, educational outcomes, and self-reported learner satisfaction trends over time?
  • Can critical data findings be generated as visualizations with a few clicks and easily shared with my organization?
  • Does this LMS collect data cleanly, without requiring manual data entry?
  • Can I rely on my LMS to adapt to provide accurate, detailed histories of key data sets for stakeholder reports of accreditation purposes?

Only select a platform that has a powerful analytics suite to effortlessly transform raw data into actionable insights.

Your Vendor Should Offer More Than Software (Like Support That Doesn’t End When You’ve Signed On)

Without continuous support, you and your staff may waste time managing low-complexity issues that a competent support staff could easily remedy.

Look for comprehensive support services for your organization and excellent self-help for your learners.

Regardless of the level of technical sophistication of your LMS or the brand loyalty that your members hold, your association will experience a time of significant support ticket request volume. Perhaps it will be due to a change in activities, content, or a new credit structure presented by an accrediting body. Your LMS should simplify support ticket requests. Any volume of user-support requirements should be met with a comprehensive and user-friendly self-help structure as well as extensive tech support for you, the client.

Demand nothing less than partnership-level support from your LMS platform.

Finding a vendor that offers custom AMS-LMS integrations is essential for a smooth, secure transition to enterprise learning management system use.

Above all, your LMS-AMS integration should be a customized process that is tailored to the needs of your organization. Unless the “handshake” between your learning management system and association management system works well, you may lose easy access to valuable data and endure a long onboarding period as your team adjusts to a disjointed data management process.

When considering an AMS-LMS integration, look for a platform that understands the importance of seamless cross-platform data management and onboarding support.

The right learning management system will offer you support from AMS-LMS integration, launch, and through the life of your program.

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