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Branding - EthosCE

Branding Options


Bring Your Branding to Life!

Site templates can be configured to work with your brand. Our team will set up your EthosCE site to adopt the colors of your existing brand and blend with your other web properties.

  • We’ll set it up with your colors and logo. No designer or HTML guru required.
  • Clean, easy-to-use design.
  • You can drag and drop blocks of content to your home page.
  • Use any domain you like, such as a education subdomain of your existing site: http://education.yoursite.com


We’ll do it your way!

Totally customize the look and feel of EthosCE to match your site. Your learner experience will be seamless – learners may never know they left your main site.

  • Retain your header and footer including logo navigation bar, search, and login box.
  • Design your homepage just the way you want it. You can use your existing design or we’ll provide professional design direction based on years of expertise.
  • Add custom widgets to the home page that add value to the learner experience such as a listing of recent courses, or a personal transcript.
  • Use any domain you like, such as a education subdomain of your existing site such as http://education.yoursite.com


Leave no user behind when they go mobile.

Learners expect educational materials to be available on all their devices, not just the big ones. Our default mobile theme makes your EthosCE site look great on mobile browsers.

  • Android, iPhone, iPad and most other mobile devices supported.
  • Users can register, view and complete courses.
  • Access personal transcripts at any time.
  • Search all activities or view list of enrolled courses and curricula.


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