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User Management - EthosCE

User Management


Manage Your Learners – Import, export, enroll, extend! Put your learners where they need to be.

EthosCE provides tools for managing your learners.

  • Bulk import of learners and transcripts.
  • Manually create, delete or suspend users.
  • Enroll and remove from courses.
  • Extend enrollments.
  • Manually mark completions.
  • View learner transcripts and profiles.
  • Export learners.


Manage your registrations in a jiffy!

There are many ways for a learner to enroll in a course.

  • Free courses are instantly enrollable.
  • Paid courses can be enrolled after successful purchase with credit card or check.
  • Course administrator can manually enroll learners.
  • Site admins can import bulk learner enrollments.
  • Descending enrollments will add users to related courses after enrollment in the first course.
  • Set prerequisites to ensure learners complete requirements before enrolling.


Smoother user experience for your learners.

No more duplicate accounts. Using our single-sign-on (SSO) module will allow your learners to access multiple systems with a single username and password.

  • Supports most systems using widely supported web services.
  • Updates user profile on login to ensure all systems have the most recent profile data.
  • Universities: EthosCE is a sponsored partner of InCommon federation.


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