Simple JA-PARS reporting

Building on our PARS reporting capabilities, EthosCE adds reporting to JA-PARS in the same simple, integrated method.

  • Define your reporting period for JA-PARS to match your established schedule
  • Easily update required JA-PARS fields for each course
  • Include course records that have been imported into EthosCE
  • Activities are sent to CPE Monitor automatically
  • Two ways to report: manual download or via web service


Get a complete analysis of course data

Dig deeper and view how your learners are doing on each course component.

  • Compare one assessment to another at an aggregate and response-based level.
  • View high-level reports to gauge learner feedback.
  • Download all data, including demographics, to be used in third-party analytic software.
  • Benchmark data.
  • Quickly see the completion status for users of each course step.
  • View credits earned by user type.
  • If our canned reports aren’t enough, we will develop custom reports for you.


Dashboards, dashboards!

What good is an LMS if you can’t visualize what’s going on easily? With the dashboard, you can view trends over time and share valuable reports to help you optimize your educational goals.

  • Global or course-level dashboards.
  • Filter by date and user demographics.
  • Quickly see how many users are in a course and their completion status.
  • Compare pre- and post-tests to easily gauge the effectiveness of your learning objectives.
  • Great for last-minute meetings where you need to report on how the LMS is doing.


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