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Consulting - EthosCE


With years of educational, business and systems experience, our senior-level staff is available to help solve your organizational education challenges.

We see it often: A team may be stuck in a process that is hard to break out of, or lack the confidence to make difficult decisions. Multiple teams may be unable to work together due to communications or technical challenges.

Part of implementing a learning management system is bringing together stakeholders from various parts of an organization: IT, education, management, and staffers. Our experience in conducting discovery sessions and finding common ground to make decisions is rooted in real-world experience.

Our Offerings

  • Technology education: EthosCE staff will educate C-level and management staff on LMS technologies and possibilities. We will come on-site and demonstrate the features of an LMS and gave a vision of how an LMS might integrate into existing organizations and show a return on investment.
  • Work-session facilitation: Our consultants will facilitate a work-session and your team can present their educational challenges and goals. Using our experience in business and systems processes and strategies, we can help clarify your challenges and focus on your goals.
  • Strategic recommendations: After educating staff and leadership and holding work-sessions, we will prepare an LMS-agnostic business- and systems-analysis document containing recommendations for streamlining processes and technologies for long-term success.
  • Requirements development: Regardless of the LMS you select, you will need requirements to formally document your needs. Using “user stories,” we will create stories for each requirement in human-readable language that both laypeople and technical staff can understand.
  • RFP development: Using the data collected of our work-sessions, our team will prioritize your goals, write user stories and author your RFP. We’ll help you submit it to the appropriate vendors and streamline your vendor-selection process.
  • Staff planning and training: Hiring the right staff for a technology you don’t understand yet is a challenge. Using our experience in working with many technology platforms and working our network, we can help find and train the right person for your job.

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