Industry-leading software applications

EthosCE is built with the Drupal™ Content Management System (CMS).

Across the Web, thousands of popular, high-profile organizations rely on Drupal including, the United States and many European governments, Sony Erricson, MIT, the University of Minnesota, Virgin Radio, Nokia, Harvard, Oxfam and Amnesty International to name a few.

Designed to be easy to implement.

EthosCE is hosted as a software-as-a-service application hosted in a private cloud using Amazon Web Services.

Core applications are open source.

The core applications running EthosCE are open source applications, which are distributed under common GPL licenses. That means there are no restrictions on moving, modifying or the number of people using the software.

We do offer ongoing professional services and support agreements. Work with us because you value our services…not because you contractually have to.


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