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Support - EthosCE

Technical Support

DLC Solutions offers ongoing support for your EthosCE application. Our Annual Support Contract provides technical assistance, application maintenance, and security patches.

Support includes the following:

  • Unlimited telephone support during business hours (8:30am-5pm EST GMT-4)
  • 24/7 Website, application, and server monitoring
  • Web-based case management via our online issue tracker
  • Tracking and installation of security patches for both core and contributed modules

Technical Assistance

DLC Solutions will provide full documentation for your Web application. However, if you need additional support, the DLC Support Center will assist you and your employees with using the Web application. We encourage all employees who will be using the Web application to attend our on-site and Web-based training sessions.

Security Patches

DLC Solutions monitors security channels for all patches to software code used in your Web application. We maintain a log of your Web application’s patch level to track ongoing status. All security patches deemed necessary after review will be applied to your Website. All patches require a period of regression testing on your staging server before being deployed to live. The deployment of security patch updates will be scheduled with you to minimize any potential disruptions in service.

Issue or “Bug” Fixes

Defects discovered after your acceptance of the final deliverable will be resolved. Defects must fall within the scope of the original product specification. Content changes, functionality or other change requests are not considered defects. All issue or defect reporting is conducted through our Web portal so you can see the progress and resolution of your issue in real-time.

Training Manuals

Below are our most updated EthosCE Training Manuals, based on your EthosCE version. You can see your EthosCE version by going to yoursiteurl/ETHOS_CHANGELOG.txt


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