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Best LMS Systems for Healthcare CE Training Success

Best LMS Systems for Healthcare CE Training Success

It is critical to have a firm set of standards in mind when choosing an LMS system. In a crowded market, slick sales pitches often sound like facts. In this piece, we’ll examine the objective criteria that will help you find the best LMS systems for healthcare CE training success.

Question 1: How Does This Platform Handle Data?

If your platform can’t handle data, it can’t handle your program’s success.

A robust data management and analytics feature can be a key driver of healthcare CE training success. Without a seamless data collection, management, and analytics system, you lose valuable insights and risk human error corrupting reports and future business strategy built on your findings. Look for the following attributes when reviewing LMS platforms:

Automated data collection directly from the LMS.
This helps prevent data entry errors or incomplete data collection through the use of spreadsheets and manual data entry.

Advanced data segmentation for real-time and historical program information.
The ability to slice information according to your analytics needs allows you to gain the full value of the insights your data holds.

Simplified analytics sharing.
Communicating relevant data effortlessly across your entire organization is the first step to ensuring that your decision-making processes are consistently evidence-driven.

Data-driven insights will help you understand your members’ educational needs on a granular level, allowing you to develop curricular programming that promotes positive educational outcomes while providing a superior user experience.

Question 2: Can My Platform Help Me Optimize Human Resources?

Unless your LMS platform offers comprehensive administrative automation services, you will find your staff and budget overwhelmed as your program grows.

Automation frees your team to work on critical tasks that require human expertise. So how does automation work and why is it so important for growing organizations?

Consider the following scenarios:

Your organization has recently expanded the scope of CE training courses. Now, your relatively comfortable tally of a few dozen students will expand to several hundred in short order. From welcome emails to onboarding to transcript processing, you and your staff face hundreds of hours of administrative tasks that are critical to the operation of your program. The right LMS system will allow you to automate all of the tasks that artificial intelligence would simply manage better.

Those tasks might include:

  • New student registration
  • Welcome emails
  • New student onboarding
  • Bulk transcript import
  • Payment processing
  • FAQ and self-help tutorials for new users

Your latest social media marketing campaign was a resounding success. Now, your healthcare CE training program’s ad received more than three thousand hits the first day, and the inquiries are pouring in. Unfortunately, your organization was not prepared for a sudden influx of new students. You will need to create an entirely new structure for receiving and processing student data since your barebones staff is already pressed to the limit with administrative tasks relating to your existing membership base of just below four hundred.

An enterprise-grade system will allow you to streamline operations for your entire CE program, from registration to payment processing to printing course completion certificates through automation. In addition, whether you have a few dozen or a few thousand new registrants in one day, your LMS will manage all of the backend administrative tasks with equal competence, protecting your workflow from interruption and your staff from productivity drain.

When your staff is free to focus on the duties that require human expertise, whether it is curriculum quality assurance or helpdesk interactions, then they become more productive. That means the overall quality of user experience is likely to go up as human resources are deployed as they were intended: in balance, with tasks that can be automated being delegated to your LMS platform.

Question 3: Does This LMS Provider Offer Integration for Exceptional Educational Tools?

As your program grows, the educational needs of your learners will diversify. You will find members with varying levels of education and a range of learning styles. Promoting knowledge retention and uniformly positive educational outcomes will require creative content and a willingness to experiment with new approaches to curriculum management.

That means you may integrate video, interactive animations, or webinars into your curriculum to ensure that your learners are getting the best possible educational experience. The best LMS systems will make it simple to integrate multimedia content into existing activities and assessments. The best LMS systems will also allow you to create unique learning experiences that match the unique needs of your members.

The Shortcut to Finding the Best LMS for Your Organization

If you want a simple solution for finding all of the advanced features that you need, then limit your search to enterprise-grade platforms. Enterprise-grade platforms are built to scale, designed to accommodate the needs of several thousand learners as easily as a few dozen. With EthosCE, you’ll find not only an advanced analytics suite but also a roster of innovative educational tools that can be integrated easily into the content.

EthosCE also allows you to automate repetitive, time-intensive tasks like bulk transcript uploads and learner registrations. Just as important, EthosCE support is comprehensive and ongoing, preparing you for success from launch.

Here are just some of our features:

Data Management

  • EthosCE Analytics pulls data directly from the LMS and selected sources, helping you avoid “dirty” data due to manual data entry
  • A user-friendly analytics suite that transforms raw data into actionable insights
  • Advanced data visualizations and customizable report templates that make it easy to share relevant insights with stakeholders
  • Historical and real-time data access per program, course, or individual learner

Administrative Task Automation

  • Automatic, customized email generation
  • Automated feedback before, during, and after learner assessments
  • Bulk transcript import
  • Ongoing course management and monitoring
  • Self-service course certificate printing
  • Credit and course completion data monitoring per program, course, learner group, or individual

Curriculum Development Tools

  • Easily integrate content from leading graphics programs like Captivate, Articulate and Adobe Presenter
  • SCORM and Tin Can supported
  • Integrate webinars, video, or MP3 content
  • Easily embed video from YouTube or other social media platforms

With EthosCE, your CE training program will never be limited by the size of your staff or the technical capabilities of your LMS platform. EthosCE provides training directors with the tools they need in order to properly provide the right training to their learners.

If you would like to learn more about what to look for with the best LMS for healthcare CE training success, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!