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How to Find the Right Service to Deliver Continuing Medical Education

How to Find the Right Service to Deliver Continuing Medical Education

You know the feeling: There’s never enough time in your workday.

First, your LMS is failing you. You want to create great content for your learners, but there are too many other things to contend with and not enough resources to handle them all.

Secondly, there’s too much turnover in your CPD office, and it’s costing you to replace and train new staff. As a result, you end up being the go-to person for just about everything, and the content isn’t as strong as it should be.

What will happen next? Your learners will go to competitors’ CE programs, and that’s the last thing you want.

How can you fix all this?

There’s a cost-effective service that lets you focus on what you do best: develop compelling and innovative continuing medical education content for your learners.

Stop Putting Out Fires

If you’re only offering static or poorly developed content, your learners are losing out and will go elsewhere to earn their continuing medical education credits.

But when you have the appropriate LMS, you can develop and deliver innovative content in diverse ways: videos, podcasts, and webinars; regularly scheduled series, like grand rounds and case conferences, simulations, and web-based activities; a variety of educational formats, such as CEUs, CNEs, CPEs, CLEs, CFPs, CEHs, and PDHs; and other credit types, including specialty credits.

However, the problem is that you’re too bogged down with repetitive admin tasks that are meant to be handled by dedicated office staff. This means you’re not creating content to improve learners’ experience.

You might believe that improvements in your CPD office are easy to make, but when you’re dealing with limited resources, that makes your job even tougher. Maybe you also think that any improvements might be expensive or require more staff.

The Problem with Limited Resources

As a CE Director, you want to increase the number of learners and enhance their course engagement and satisfaction in your continuing medical education courses. But something’s standing in your way: limited staff.

You already have staff in place, but there’s a problem with turnover, and it’s upsetting the proverbial apple cart. You hire help but they don’t work out. You hire replacements, but it costs you both time and money to bring in new office staff and train them, especially if they’re students or agency temps. Every time you replace an employee earning a salary of $45,000, it can cost you 33% of their annual salary. If they’re making under $30,000 or less, you have to spend 16% of their annual salary to hire and train someone new. Again, you’re spending valuable time away from creating innovative courses that are easy to use and simplify the process of your learners meeting their regulatory compliance requirements.

EthosCE offers an LMS concierge service that helps you resolve staff turnover issues, increasing the number of activities your CPD office can do. This professional service can do things more cheaply, quickly, and efficiently and with more quality than temps or students. It can also be done remotely or on a retainer basis and costs less than a full-time employee.

These services allow for access to expert technical resources and for offloading admin tasks. It’s also quite flexible. You can use it just for setting up courses. You can also do tasks like creating and sending reports, pulling data, reviewing, creating and updating forms, emailing learners, providing end-user support, and doing data entry, documentation, and supplemental training.

Run Your Entire LMS with External Professional Services

EthosCE helps you get your continuing medical education content up and running as quickly as possible. We give you access to highly experienced, expert LMS administrators. With our LMS concierge service, we help your resource-strapped CPD office, providing experienced project managers and dedicated data entry specialists so your e-learning stays on track. There are also data collection templates for:

  • Learning objectives
  • Faculty bios and disclosures
  • Pre-post assessment questions with answer key
  • Program evaluation
  • Release and expiration dates
  • Type and number of credits offered
  • Commercial support statements and other relevant information
  • Certificates if you’re awarding credit

Offset Your Lack of Staff and Time with External LMS Experts

There’s no need to struggle to overcome the hurdles of delivering great and innovative continuing medical education content for your learners. EthosCE LMS concierge service provides you with the help you need to reduce the time and eliminate the hassles that you can experience in your CPD office.

Now’s the time to bring in your new team!

Adopt our LMS concierge service to help you deliver the most innovative continuing medical education possible. Contact us to schedule a demo today!