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Finding the Best LMS for Your Association Management Systems

Finding the Best LMS for Your Association Management Systems

While price is an important consideration in selecting the best learning management system (LMS) for association management systems (AMS), there are several important criterion to consider. In this post, we’ll look at how to find the best LMS for your AMS.

The Best LMS for Your AMS will Amplify Your Expertise with Data

It is easy to get fooled by a sales pitch, but the best LMS system for your AMS system does more than add a few features. Your AMS is a treasure trove of data that can provide the insights that you need to craft powerful strategy in every era of your organization. Those valuable insights, however, won’t emerge by themselves. You will need a robust platform to collect, warehouse, and analyze your data. A generic LMS is not designed to automate data collection, analytics, and sharing. An enterprise-grade LMS will add value to your AMS by empowering you to transform statistics into insights with a few clicks while streamlining the data management process.

The best LMS for association management systems will give you control over all of your data.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Review learner assessments in aggregate, between users, or by individual response
  • View learner engagement data in historically and in real-time
  • See course completion patterns over time alongside demographic data
  • View educational outcomes data before and after the addition of new content
  • Examine learner feedback patterns for upticks in positive reports after changes in on-boarding content

EthosCE customizable data dashboards give you free rein to explore, segment, and analyze your data. You decide which insights you want to uncover and the EthosCE Analytics suite will allow you to view course, learner, and integrated association data and auto-publish your findings with advanced data visualizations and customized reports.

The right LMS will provide you with the tools you need to work faster and ensure the productivity of your staff remains high as your program grows. Learn how data exploration can help you build strategy.

The Best LMS for Association Management Systems will Enhance Productivity and Internal Communications

Administrative task automation helps protect workflow from interruptions and allows you and your staff to make progress on critical tasks even when operational tasks increase in tandem with program growth. Task automation can include:

  • Automated, customized emails delivered when learners reach a course milestone
  • Scheduled reminders to keep learners on track
  • Payment processing and order fulfillment for LMS and membership-related ecommerce
  • Customized feedback before, during, and after learner assessments
  • Bulk import of learner data and transcripts
  • Credit tracking and management
  • Report notifications when a monitored data set changes, such as new registrations pass a benchmark

Task automation helps your team focus their energies where they are needed most and allows you to conserve your budget by transferring the burden of repetitive, time-consuming tasks to software.

A generic LMS is unlikely to have the technical capacity to automate LMS activities and AMS duties individually or through the same platform like an enterprise-grade LMS.

The Best LMS for Association Management Systems will Provide Custom Integration Services

LMS and AMS integration is not a DIY task. The potential loss of data, platform interoperability conflicts, and the potential inefficiencies associated with poorly integrated AMA-LMS platforms are significant risks that should not be undertaken if avoidable. Without comprehensive support and team training, LMS-AMS integration can be a long, costly undertaking that may produce unsatisfactory results (and require frequent updates).

The right LMS will enable your staff to focus on growing your organization, by taking over tasks (like member polling and email reminders) usually managed by your AMS. The best LMS system for your organization will help you get the most out of your AMS, making it more efficient and a better support platform for your organization’s goals.

EthosCE, an enterprise-grade LMS solution, offers custom integration services for leading association management systems and outstanding technical support for organizations seeking to add capabilities through their LMS.

There’s No Reason to Settle for a “Good Enough” LMS Platform

Ask yourself:

  • Is my AMS reaching its full potential as a support system for my organization’s current goals?
  • Is the LMS I am considering make data management easy (or is there a significant learning curve)?
  • Will I be spared having to get involved in the tech side of things to manage an AMS-LMS integration?
  • Does the LMS I am looking at an alternative to using spreadsheets and pasting in data to manage course and student records?
  • Will the LMS that I am thinking about let me automate time-intensive tasks like records management and emails that drain productivity?
  • Does the LMS platform that I am considering transform raw data into actionable insights with a few clicks? (learn about customizable data dashboards and reports).

If you answered “No” to any of the above, then it is time to consider an enterprise-grade LMS for your association.

EthosCE is an LMS platform that provides enterprise-grade features to organizations of every size. Our platform optimizes the value of your AMS, bringing powerful features to your fingertips in a user-friendly, all-in-one dashboard.

Ready to turbo-charge your AMS? Connect with us for a demo and see how easy AMS-LMS integration can be.