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Everything You Need to Know About LMS-AMS Integration

Everything You Need to Know About LMS-AMS Integration

LMS-AMS integrations may seem like a challenging topic, but a quick review of the basics will help you make the right platform choice.

It’s Alphabet Soup – And It’s Good For You (And Your Organization)

The sheer amount of acronyms in the software industry is enough to make anyone wish for the analog days. But the alphabet soup that associations deal with is just as broad. Here, we’re only dealing with a few basic definitions. A learning management system (LMS) can transform the value that your association management software (AMS) brings to your organization. It can transform the value of your AMS if it does its job. That means you’ll need advanced features and a user-friendly admin. Your LMS should most of the things your AMS can do, in addition to making online and offline learning simple to manage. Your LMS should be the equivalent of an Iron Man suit in comparison to a study pair of all-purpose hiking boots. With your lms-ams integration your association should run more efficiently, effortlessly, and powerfully.

LMS-AMS Integration: Will This Hurt?

LMS-AMS integration don’t have to be confusing, lengthy, or resource intensive. With the right platform, the process can even be automated. When your AMS is paired with the right LMS it can become the engine of your organization’s success. The first step to lms-ams integration of course, is to find out what features your organization needs from its AMS and then you’ll know how to evaluate your LMS choices.

Step One: Evaluate Your Existing AMS

If your AMS can’t manage your data and analytics, high-volume admin tasks, and internal reporting, then a generic LMS should not become your new platform. What data? What analytics? Here are just some critical areas where your most important insights for strategy building will be found.

Ask yourself if your AMS can easily present the following:

  • Educational outcomes for “teaser” sample courses offered segmented by learner demographic data
  • Member email response rates over time segmented by subject and keyword
  • Website usage data including active times and support requests
  • Member polling data over time side by side with response data from marketing campaign communications
  • Aggregate and individual learner assessment outcomes for online quizzes
  • Post-course learner satisfaction data segmented by geographic region, level of education, and demographic data

These are a few of the areas where you will find a wealth of insight about your members, but with true control over your data you’ll discover even more findings to explore.

If you aren’t satisfied that your AMS can give you the frictionless data access that you need, then you should seek an enterprise-grade LMS that offers all of the above advanced features.

EthosCE provides a robust analytics suite, critical task automation, and streamlined reporting that will work seamlessly with your AMS.

Step Two: What to Look for in an LMS-AMS Integration

Your AMS is at the heart of your association’s success and with the right LMS partner platform you’ll be able to translate that success into exceptional learning experiences for your members. Here are some key features to look for when considering an LMS integration.

Data transparency.Your LMS should put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your data.

Administrative multi-tasking. The right LMS will automate repetitive, resource intensive tasks that overtax your AMS (and your staff).

Content agility.An enterprise-grade LMS will give make your content agile– allowing you to create innovative courses that utilize video, animation, live streams, and podcasts to provide your learners with the impactful educational experiences they want.

Streamlined communications. Your LMS should make report generation, notifications, and learner self-service support simple, efficient, and automated whenever possible.

Your new LMS should integrate easily with your AMS and reduce the administrative workload on you and your staff, while making it easier to scale your organization’s activities.

Step Three: Take a Tour Through LMS-AMS Integration

Once you’ve decided on using an enterprise-grade LMS product like EthosCE, you’ll find that the rest is easy.

Our custom integration services can connect your existing AMS with our platform. You won’t have to handle the tech yourself. Here are some of the features you’ll find the following features at your fingertips once your integration is complete:

EthosCE Analytics

  • Measure aggregate or individual learner engagement either per course or for your entire program
  • Download reports and schedule notifications when data updates and keep your entire organization aware of changes in learner outcomes
  • Optional self-service accounts allow you to easily create and share custom reports and elegant data visualizations that transform raw data into actionable insights
  • Compare one course assessment result to another at an aggregate and response-based level to gauge curriculum impact over time
  • Benchmark data according to short and long term goals
  • View completion status for learners at each course step and review changes over time in response to curriculum updates

Advanced Learner Engagement Tools

  • Provide instant, customized feedback to the learner during the assessment after each question or globally
  • Use video, animation, audio, or graphics in assessments to engage the user and provide visual guidance for complex topic questions
  • Create scheduled follow-up assessments that notify learners based on predetermined intervals to retake an exam or complete an exercise

Effortless User Management

  • Instant bulk import of learners and transcripts
  • Control every aspect of learner registration, enrollment, and data management from one dashboard
  • View, edit, and update learner transcripts and profiles from the admin panel

Comprehensive Tech Support

  • Unlimited telephone support during business hours (8:30am-5pm EST GMT-4)
  • 24/7 Website, application, and server monitoring
  • Tracking and automatic installation of security patches for both core and contributed modules on our platform

EthosCE Analytics, customized reporting, and curriculum components simplify program growth.

EthosCE makes it simple to gain access to the powerful features that your organization needs to grow efficiently

For more than 16 years, EthosCE has empowered associations to build rapid-growth strategies that are sustainable and resource-friendly. You don’t have to try burden your AMS with tasks that could be handled by an enterprise-grade LMS. With EthosCE, you’ll have an instant technical and content development partner, there to help your association reach its service goals. Find out how we can help you get the most out of your AMS.

If you are looking for an LMS that will provide smooth integration capabilities for your business, feel free to reach out to EthosCE today for a free 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists!