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EthosCE Analytics Spotlight: Detailed Dashboard and Report Customization

EthosCE Analytics Spotlight: Detailed Dashboard and Report Customization

As a CME Director, you need more than a summary of relevant course and learner information to make the data-driven decisions required to build a successful CE program. In this post, we’ll look at how the ability to customize real-time data reporting will streamline your decision making process and make it simple to view, interpret, and apply insights drawn from your data to your biggest challenges.

Is your data management strategy compromising your CME program’s future prospects for success?

Superficial data “insights” can be misleading, and may result in to misdirected academic policies that comprise learner outcomes. In addition, manual data collection and analysis is time-consuming and frequently flawed. Even if you had the time to hunt for, scrape, and segment all of the data that you need to make your most important decisions, the insight that you work so hard to find may be off the mark if you’re relying on manual data collection. Here’s just one example:

Incomplete Data In, Flawed Strategy Out

After you decided to add video as a component of an activity, a course that had previously seen high numbers of learners dropping out within the first week after poor test performance now has an increasing rate of course completion. Great! You’ve made plans to add more videos to your curriculum, and you’ve even begun researching the possibility of creating a course that is exclusively video-based. As you add videos to your courses with high completion rates and a majority of your strongest students, something strange happens: learners begin dropping out and your support ticket requests rise. The reason? Incomplete data.

Superficial Data = Hit and Miss Results

If it had been possible for you to dig a little deeper into your data, you would have found out that the course that showed improved learner retention rates had several usability issues which made the first quiz difficult to complete for students using their mobile phones. Many of the students who dropped out complained about the glitch, but you were unaware, since it wasn’t possible to view granular user data, support ticket reports, and course completion records side-by-side. When you changed the content, you removed the quiz, thereby solving the problem. For the rest of your students, video is the wrong fit for their learning styles. If you had access to real-time reporting you would have discovered that even your high performing students had become frustrated with the addition of video, viewing it as distracting to the learning experience and unnecessarily time consuming. Anonymous posts on your user forum echoed their complaints. Now, after a few months of losing students, you will have to rework your curriculum to regain your students’ trust and troubleshoot your LMS usability issues.

A Generic LMS = Mediocre Insights

The data overviews provided by a generic LMS are often only skin-deep, providing summaries of data that are limited in depth and scope. Report customization isn’t a possibility. You’re well aware that it is critical to be able to drill deeply into learner outcomes and course data to get insight into the granular impact of day-to-day decision-making. But unless you have a crack team of data scientists on staff dedicated to monitoring your program data each day, finding patterns of relevance in course and user outcomes information is an undertaking that can monopolize your time, your staff, and still yield superficial insights. That’s because interpreting current data without the benefit of a sufficiently broad historical context can lead to the creation of misdirected policies that do not address the authentic needs of learner. Without report customization, you’re creating strategy based on limited data.

How Report Customization Helps You Cut Through the Noise and Get Back to Work

Manual data collection and analysis is a risky choice for CME directors, since human error is a given, and insights derived from flawed or incomplete data corrupt the entire decision-making chain. If you decide to use an LMS platform that offers report customization via dashboard, however, then you won’t have to worry about wrangling your data (and coming up with faulty findings) again.

report analytics customization

Here’s why:

  • Customizable dashboards offer complete data transparency at every level of the CME program.
  • An enterprise-grade analytics suite will draw real-time and historical data from the LMS, allowing you to create data segments at will and compare data sets side-by-side.
  • With historical and real-time data viewable at a glance, it’s easy to see relationships between changes in curriculum, learner behaviors, support ticket requests, and learner outcomes.
  • Advanced data visualizations translate data into actionable insights instantly, allowing CME directors to brief the entire organization on relevant data with a click.
  • Because EthosCE is an enterprise CME platform, it also offers report customization—allowing you to tailor your report content according to the context or recipient, helping you to streamline your communications and only share what you want, when you want.

Here are just some of the data your dashboard will give you access to:

  • Learner assessment data at the aggregate and individual response levels
  • Educational outcomes data segmented by demographic data, area of professional expertise, and more
  • Course completion rates over time
  • Self-reported learner feedback on educational outcomes
  • Support ticket data
  • Knowledge retention patterns for returning students

customizable reporting dashboards

With EthosCE, you can slice your data segments in a way that allows you to get the answers that you need easily. Our notification feature lets you to simply tag the data that you wish to monitor, create a schedule, and automate the entire reporting process. Customized reports will go out to your team automatically, featuring the data that you want them to know. You can also create automatic alerts that will update you and your team when changes occur that you need to act on.

EthosCE offers a best-in-class LMS, CME management, and data analytics solution through a single platform, making critical data accessible and insights effortless to view. Our advanced data visualizations present the most complex data sets as easy-to-understand graphics so that you can grab your insights and get back to creating solutions.

Ready to stop wrestling with your data? Connect with us to view a demo and see how your data can work for you.


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