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EthosCE Analytics Spotlight: Advanced Notification System

EthosCE Analytics Spotlight: Advanced Notification System

Access to up-to-the-minute data is a key determinant of the success of every decision-making process: poor decisions are based on flawed data. However, even with excellent access to your CME program’s critical insights, keeping your team informed and making sure that stakeholders view the right data can be a challenge.

What does an advanced notification do?

An advanced notification system allows:

  • You and your team to stay informed without interrupting workflow for meetings or waiting for responses to email chains
  • Specific alerts to reach key staff members at selected times—ensuring that they receive only the information that is pertinent to their current task list
  • You to tag notifications based on their immediate relevance—alleviating the need to highlight selected insights in a large document.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Advanced Notification System

1. You don’t want to take another meeting.
Unlike a report, a notification provides a quick summary of changes in relevant data in bite-sized format: your team can become informed of important news with a glance.

2. Sometimes your team really didn’t get the memo.
The quality of decision-making within the CME organization depends on every stakeholder having equal access to the latest program data.

3. You actually are too busy to send out another email.
An enterprise-grade CME platform—such as EthosCE Analytics—automates customized notifications, allowing teams instant access to changes in the data—or content—that they need to make time-sensitive decisions.

4. You know better than to collect and analyze program data manually.
Data-driven decision-making is impossible when data reporting is of poor quality. Manually collected data is often corrupted by human error, and it is time-consuming to compile.

5. Evidence-driven strategy building is vital to you.
Automated data updates allow CME directors to be proactive in their policymaking, allowing them to develop a long-range strategy based on real-time data that is cleanly collected and rich in insights.

EthosCE user engagement

What Happens When Updates Aren’t Timely

Timing is critical in distributing new data, but the constraints of manual data collection and analysis make the creation of timely updates a challenge. When CME directors and their teams make decisions with different levels of data access and data quality, policies are created based on competing visions of the status of the CME program, creating confusion and misdirected practices. CME strategy built on outdated or incomplete information ensures that faulty premises are baked into program policy, creating long-term, repetitive issues that may take years to be revealed.

Which Data Can You Track?

With EthosCE, you have incredible flexibility in the types of data you can track using the advanced notification system. Here are just some of the data that you can keep tabs on:

  • New registrations
  • Disenrollment
  • Learner assessment scoring
  • Support ticket requests
  • Time spent per activity and individual activity component
  • Time spent per assessment and per assessment question
  • Support ticket requests

You can also create custom data segments that allow you to monitor patterns that you have discovered in course, LMS usage, and learner behavior data. These may include:

  • User course completion rates by years of professional experience
  • Learner assessment scores before and after changes in activities content
  • Shifts in the demographics of new registrants
  • Changes in learner feedback between set dates
  • The number of new learners referred to your LMS via a specific URL

With the EthosCE LMS, you aren’t limited to the above, or any other prescribed list of data segments. You can update your notifications based on your needs.

How EthosCE Analytics Takes Care of Data Management and Notifications With a Few Clicks

The EthosCE Analytics suite, which is included with the EthosCE LMS, provides automated data collection and analysis, making the creation of comprehensive, shareable reports effortless. With EthosCE Analytics:

  • Course and user data are automatically collected, warehoused, and analyzed directly from the LMS. You won’t have to touch a spreadsheet or a database to view critical data in real time.
  • You have complete data transparency over time. Your historical and current data can be viewed side-by-side, enabling you to instantly see patterns in user outcomes and quickly develop a proactive educational strategy.
  • You aren’t required to create standard data segments manually. Course enrollment rates and demographic information are easily viewable from your admin dashboard, and we make creating a new data segment a matter of a few clicks.

You also aren’t just limited to alerts. EthosCE offers customizable, graphics-rich reports that you can compile, generate and share across your organization instantly. You may create reports that:

  • Measure user engagement with comprehensive learner behavior statistics sliced by course or in aggregate
  • Compare one learner assessment performance to another at a global and response-based level
  • Review learner outcomes for users at any selected point within a course
  • Compare current and historical educational results by learner demographic or course
  • Summarize historical learner feedback

However, these are just a few of your options. With EthosCE you have complete control over your data, so the parameters of your reports are entirely up to you.

No time for detailed reports? EthosCE Advanced Data Visualizations permit CME directors to distribute easy-to-understand graphical data summaries with a click. Our visualizations allow you to:

  • Instantly create customized data sets and segments.
  • Present real-time and historical user, course, and global program information at a glance.
  • Auto-generate and share reports that illustrate possible relationships between specific data sets over time, such as content updates and learner assessment scores.

EthosCE data visualization

With EthosCE Analytics, you can streamline internal communications and be certain that you and your staff is always aware of relevant changes in learner behaviors and course outcomes as they happen.

At EthosCE, we’ve worked with thousands of CME organizations of every size and helped them unlock the power of their internal data. With advanced notifications, you can eliminate costly delays in your workflow and enhance productivity by ensuring that everyone has the knowledge that they need to do their jobs. The comprehensive, enterprise-grade CME management platform provides everything that a growing CME program needs to scale effortlessly out of the box. From an intuitive, user-friendly LMS to an advanced analytics suite, you won’t have to search for a third-party solution when your program’s technical needs expand.

Ready to take control of your data once and for all? Connect with us for a demo today and find out how EthosCE can help you.