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EthosCE Analytics Spotlight: Scheduled Report Deliveries

EthosCE Analytics Spotlight: Scheduled Report Deliveries

While the ability to schedule automated report deliveries may seem like a relatively insignificant component of a CME management platform, the flow of critical information between key members of staff determines the efficacy of CME strategy development and the success of its implementation.

Your team can’t afford to wait for manually generated data updates.

Without data transparency and streamlined communications between program stakeholders, CME management and curriculum development choices may be based on outdated, incomplete, or inaccurate information. CME Directors need a system in place that automates critical administrative tasks that have a direct impact on your organization’s ability to achieve its educational goals. When reports on key data are compiled manually, there’s a delay between the time when information becomes relevant and when stakeholders can receive a report. Since the amount of time that it takes to create a report, distribute it, and ensure that all concerned parties have received and read the document may vary, your organization’s workflow may be negatively impacted.

This could lead to the following issues:

  • Team members could make decisions based on incomplete information, clashing with each other over policies based on different data.
  • Your staff may become unable to enact the policy directives that you set based on the latest insights and use guesswork to carry out the tasks that they assume you want them to complete.
  • You may waste time briefing your team on updates to critical data that are relevant to urgent concerns while time-sensitive issues worsen.

When reports can be automatically generated and scheduled ahead of time, your entire staff will have access to the information that they need as it becomes relevant.

Automatically reports help limit workflow interruptions

A generic LMS does not offer the features that you need to make data-driven curriculum development, marketing, and human resource management decisions. The EthosCE Analytics suite allows your team to have instant access to real-time and historical course and user data, enabling you to schedule automated reports that help each department in your organization maintain workflow and operate more autonomously, empowered by up-to-the-minute insights.

Using the analytics suite you can generate and schedule reports which:

  • Compare learner assessment performance at the aggregate and individual learner levels.
  • Examine learner assessment performance patterns at the course and individual response levels.
  • View LMS engagement rates over time
  • Show the completion status for users at each course step.
  • Show credits earned by user type
  • Review support ticket data for persistent LMS usability issues

EthosCE user engagement

Your reports may be customized according to your needs using our data dashboards. You aren’t limited to pre-set categories of data, including the above; EthosCE allows you to slice your data correctly based on the insights that matter most to your team.

Stop managing your data and start harvesting insights

Data that is collected and distributed manually is often rife with inaccuracies, introducing errors at the start of the decision-making process and causing long-term strategy building issues. EthosCE Analytics does “double duty” for CME Directors, managing the collection, analysis and distribution of data and relevant insights. With EthosCE, all of your relevant course and user data is automatically scraped from your LMS and available to you in your customizable admin dashboard—that means no more worries about manual data entry errors, incomplete data sets, or late report deliveries. You won’t have to wrangle spreadsheets to view accurate information on the historical impact of your management choices or the real-time status of learner outcomes.

In addition, EthosCE Analytics offers an advanced data visualization feature, allowing you to generate customized graphic representations of data summaries with a click.

EthosCE Data Visualization

That means you can translate complex insights into user-friendly visuals instantly, enabling you to present an array of critical findings at a glance.

Interested in streamlining the JA-PARS reporting process?

EthosCE allows you to:

  • Create your reporting period for JA-PARS to match your established schedule
  • Update mandatory JA-PARS fields for each course
  • Include course records that have been imported into EthosCE
  • Send activities to CPE Monitor automatically
  • Report via manual download or web service

How Scheduled Reporting Works

It’s simple: build and customize your report, send it out instantly or set up the dates that you wish your reports to be distributed via email. You can also set up advanced notifications to alert your team to real-time changes in data that you’ve tagged for monitoring. With scheduled report delivery, you have one less administrative task to do, and more time to strategize for your program’s growth.

It’s time to stop writing reports

Here’s what we know:

  • Time management challenges and human error compromise the accuracy and timeliness of information exchange between program stakeholders.
  • EthosCE Analytics makes timely report deliveries and communications effortless for CME directors, allowing them to focus on leadership challenges, rather than communications management.
  • EthosCE Analytics not only simplifies reporting, but it allows the generation of user-friendly data visualizations which may help speed up the decision making process.

For more than 16 years, EthosCE has helped organizations of every size transform their CME management processes by automating critical administrative tasks such as report deliveries and providing them with enterprise-grade analytics tools that enhance productivity. Request a live demo with us to see how your data can jumpstart (rather than slow) your workflow.


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