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How to Utilize Your LMS with AMS Integration

How to Utilize Your LMS with AMS Integration

Regardless of the strength of your AMS, when you launch an educational program, the right LMS will add value for the entire organization. In this post, we’ll examine the best way to utilize your LMS with ams integration.

Use your LMS to help your AMS deliver on its promises

A powerful LMS will transform your AMS, enhancing its native capabilities while reducing the administrative load that your staff (and your AMS) have to encounter.

With a successful LMS integration, you and your staff should see:

  • A reduction in member support calls related to CME on-boarding and ease-of-use issues
  • Fewer workflow interruptions due to routine CME administrative tasks
  • Higher course completion rates as data about struggling students becomes available earlier and educational interventions occur with greater frequency
  • Less friction during strategy-building sessions as changes in educational outcomes are shared with stakeholders in real-time with scheduled notifications and detailed data visualizations
  • Better access to accurate member polling data as specified learner assessment scores or LMS interactions generate customized, automated responses offering support and requesting feedback
  • Fewer cart abandonments as your LMS manages order fulfillment for you, providing a user-friendly payment process and self-help options that support a seamless registration experience

The right LMS will work with and enhance the best features of your AMS

With a powerful LMS, your organization is free to only delegate tasks to your AMS that it has always performed well. As your program grows, your LMS can take on more duties as needed, whether your rush of new students is comprised of a few dozen or a few thousand learners.

Use your enterprise-grade LMS with your AMS to take control of your data

While your AMS may be an excellent platform for managing certain aspects of your organization’s day-to-day operations, as your program gains students and a broader roster of learning experiences, you will have an ever-increasing need for accurate program data. The earlier you have command of your data, the more accurate your projections will be when building marketing, financial, and educational strategy.

An enterprise-grade LMS will provide you with the tools that you need to automate a critical component of the decision making process: the generation of actionable insights.

With an enterprise-grade LMS, your most valuable program and learner data will be automatically collected from the platform, helping you avoid data entry errors and preventing workflow interruption as data volume rises. It is essential that your platform also provide a user-friendly analytics suite so that the transformation of raw statistics into actionable insights does not present yet another challenge.

Use data visualizations to communicate actionable insights across your organization

With EthosCE Analytics, for example, you can generate data visualizations with a few clicks. Data visualizations present complex data in context, illustrating trends visually side-by-side so that correlations are simple to see. When shared, data visualizations make it easy for you to be certain that your entire team and every stakeholder has the information they need to be productive.

It is likely that your AMS was not built to manage the deep dive data analytics that you need to create successful educational programming strategy. An enterprise-grade LMS was built to scale, helping your AMS manage change seamlessly.

Use your lms with ams integration to take back your time

Your AMS may fill many roles in your organization, but it isn’t a full-time staff. Your staff, unlike the software you rely on, have lives outside of work and competency limits that’s why you put so much effort into using human resources wisely. It makes a lot of sense to find a way to make your AMS work harder, giving your human team the chance to thrive, doing the jobs only they can do. Your AMS with LMS integration is a powerful engine that can enhance your personal productivity, deliver powerful data, and cut down on the busy work that can hijack your team’s workflow (and ultimately compromise your member’s user experience).

Use your LMS with ams integration to:

  • Streamline data imports for new students
  • Bulk update user transcripts
  • Auto-generate course certificates
  • Automate reminder emails
  • Send instant, customized instructions or feedback to learners before, during and after assessments
  • Handle registration processing and order fulfillment with a robust payment system
  • Automate membership and registration onboarding with a user-friendly wizard-based process
  • Optimize the efficiency of your course management process with a 360-degree view of your learner and program data on a single dashboard

You don’t have to compromise on your LMS to keep your AMS

With a full LMS integration you can secure the future of your educational programs by baking efficiency and optimization into the structure of your program.

With EthosCE, you can automate your most time-consuming program tasks, streamline user registration and course management, and take advantage of the full potential of your data. In addition, you can protect your organization from “dirty” data corrupting strategy decisions with automated data collection, warehousing, and analytics with EthosCE Analytics.

If you are curious to learn more about how to utilize your LMS with AMS integration for maximum learning performance outcomes, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!


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