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Innovating Your Medical CE Program Is Simpler Than You Think

Innovating Your Medical CE Program Is Simpler Than You Think

As a CE director, you may find innovating your medical CE program to be a steep hill to climb. You might feel as though you’re being pulled in many different directions, especially when it comes to determining your goals. For example, you probably want to increase your number of learners, raise member satisfaction, and increase engagement.

Innovating your medical CE program is easier than you might think.

The CE Director’s Pain Points

You already offer numerous courses to your learners but feel that you aren’t doing enough. Your learners and employees tend to leave for greener pastures: 41% of employees who aren’t offered training opportunities will leave their current job within 12 months. Compare that to the 12% who said that they planned to leave if they were offered excellent training opportunities. Also, 87% of millennials said that professional development is one of the most important factors in their jobs.

You want your learners to remain with you for their education, but what options do you have?

The Benefits of E-learning Innovations for Your Medical CE Program

Your greatest challenges are to increase learner and employee satisfaction. So, try using e-learning innovations. But don’t forget that they have to be compliant with your ACCME guidelines through its Criterion 35.

The key is to introduce innovative and creative course designs, assessments, and activities that feature educational approaches, M&M conferences, and internet-enduring materials like video, webinars, and podcasts.

Consider these e-learning facts:

  • Retention rates are 25-50% higher.
  • Performance improves by 15-25%.
  • E-learning experience increases retention rate by 25-67%.
  • Performance improves by 15-25%.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see how e-learning is a great fit for many aspects of CME training. Not only are costs lower, but there’s higher flexibility in regards to time and the need for fewer resources and staff to implement, not to mention the ability for easy updating as learning materials change. When it comes to medicine and the alarmingly fast speed at which medical techniques, theories, and practices move, your learners need a CE program that lets them gain valuable information as quickly as possible.

Use a Learning Management System (LMS) to Help Innovate Your Medical CE Program

You don’t want to get caught up in the square-peg-in-a-round-hole way of doing things. You might think that your current method of innovating your CE program isn’t broken, but is it everything it’s supposed to be?

Getting the right LMS can only improve your CE program. EthosCE is a medical enterprise-grade LMS automated platform that provides CE technology solutions to a variety of medical associations, medical education companies, healthcare organizations, and universities. It’s designed to comply with the critical ACCME guidelines, decreasing your admin’s team’s tasks and producing measurable results. Since EthosCE is an advanced LMS with automated tools, your curriculum content creation won’t require a time-consuming rewrite.

Customized learning experiences in both content and presentation are critical to the improvement of your learners’ knowledge retention. When you have a scalable LMS platform like EthosCE, you can easily address their knowledge retention. You can update various activities based on new data from your learners’ educational needs. You can also create a curriculum containing content that features online quizzes and surveys, essays, multiple-choice and true-or-false questions, podcasts, interactive graphics, embedded videos, multimedia questions, and even webinars to enhance your learners’ CE program experience.

With EthosCE, you’ll have the opportunity to provide those quizzes and surveys to assess your medical learners at any time during your courses, including pre- and post-test assessments to specific questions or a particular learner’s response. You’ll then be able to create follow-up assessments based on the intervals you’ve set.

For example, take those learners who received a poor score on their learning assessment. You can provide them with access to customized enrichment videos from their activity. You can even supply automated feedback for any incorrect answers within a written text.

What’s more, you can design activities that are efficient and modern for storyboarding templates and develop imported content created with Articulate, Captivate, Lectora. Presenter, Raptivity, Storyboard, Udutu, or other development tools.

Finally, EthosCE enables you to design content that’s compliant with the SCORN standard, so you can play in the platform.

Your Medical CE Program Innovated

EthosCE provides you with the automated tools that let you offer more courses to your learners. You’re given curriculum and design tools that enable proper training so positive learner experiences result in greater returns, and you’ll see new learners. When you’re able to do so, you’ll have satisfied members who keep coming back for the courses you offer.

EthosCE believes CME technology solutions should be designed to improve healthcare professionals’ user experience, comply with ACCME guidelines, reduce administrative costs, and demonstrate measurable outcomes.

To learn how EthosCE can help you easily innovate your medical CE program, contact us for a free 1-on-1 demo with one of our specialists today!