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What to Look for When Searching for the Right CME Technology

What to Look for When Searching for the Right CME Technology

Knowing what to look for in CME technology means learning which platform features are critical to your ability to support your organization’s CME goals. In this post, we’ll help you discover the tech that matters most in achieving your CME vision.

It’s Essential that the CME Technology You Purchase Provides Tangible Benefits to Your Program, not a Short-Term Solution.

Your chosen platform should offer CME technology that helps your team become more efficient. Administrative task automation provides an immediate boost to staff productivity. Is task automation an absolute necessity for a successful CME program? The answer depends on how you define success. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • As my program grows, am I prepared to have team members devote more time to repetitive, time-consuming tasks?
  • Do I have the extra budget available to devote to mounting costs associated with help desk support as membership increases?
  • Am I prepared to reassign team members to tasks such as data management and quality control as the amount of new data generated daily becomes challenging to collect?
  • Will my members suffer a loss of personalized customer service via emails, learner feedback responses, educational interventions, and other touchpoints when registration numbers reach a higher threshold?
  • Have I experienced instances of lackluster staff productivity when administrative demands intensify?

The Right CME Technology will Enhance Staff Productivity by Shielding the Workflow from Interruptions as Administrative Tasks Increase.

Task automation empowers staff to focus on duties that require their unique expertise.

With EthosCE, task automation allows you to accomplish the following user-management tasks with just a few clicks:

  • Bulk import of learners and transcripts.
  • Create, delete, or suspend users.
  • Enroll and remove users from courses.
  • Extend enrollments.
  • View learner transcripts and profiles.
  • Export learners.

Learn more about simplified user management with EthosCE.

Smart CME technology enhances the value of existing systems, whether they’re software or managerial.

Regardless of the level of sophistication of your current CME management systems or software, any new technology introduced to your organization should support greater efficiency without a daunting learning curve or wait time. CME technology should work out of the box, helping your staff:

Communicate more effectively

Reports and data-related notifications should be simple to schedule and generate with time-saving templates and data visualizations.

Understand your membership better

Your CME technology should give you full command of your data, allowing you to have historical and real-time insights at your fingertips.

Create powerful content effortlessly

Your staff is likely attuned to the educational needs of your learners, but they might not have the time (or the technical know-how) to whip up videos, embed codes, or develop platform plug-ins to customize post-assessment feedback.

Your CME software should provide the missing pieces that your team needs to create innovative activities with a few clicks.

The right CME technology will amplify the value of your existing software and make current managerial systems work smoother.

In many cases, this will require technical integration of two different software systems. For this process to enhance productivity, your CME technology platform should handle custom integrations for association management systems. This will save you time, money, and frustration while allowing you to get the most out of platforms right away.

The right CME technology platform will permit integrations between the AMS and LMS and allow users to access third-party sources of data to gain a more accurate portrait of program status to inform the decision-making process.

Select a Platform that Empowers Critical Data Exploration

Your chosen CME technology should simplify clean data collection, provide secure data management, and consolidate comprehensive analytics. That means your CME software should provide:

  • Automated data collection directly from the LMS and designated external sources.
  • Secure data warehousing.
  • Full data transparency encompassing historical and real-time insights by course, learner, or association-wide.
  • User-friendly data analysis with automated data visualization publication and sharing.
  • Customized data segmentation via data dashboards allowing for aggregate and granular program data inspection side-by-side.

With EthosCE CME technology, you gain control of your data with an advanced analytics suite that encompasses data collection, warehousing, and reporting.

Outstanding support is a right, not a “feature.”

While many CME platforms offer initial support upon purchase, they often provide limited support going forward. At EthosCE, we provide comprehensive onboarding, training, and support services from launch—and we don’t stop when your program grows and your needs change.

EthosCE support includes the following:

  • Unlimited telephone support during business hours (8:30am-5pm EST GMT-4).
  • 24/7 Website, application, and server monitoring.
  • Web-based case management via our online issue tracker.
  • Tracking and installation of security patches for both core and contributed modules.

Choose CME Technology That Works for and with Your Organization.

From an intuitive, user-experience focused LMS to EthosCE Analytics, our platform serves as a basis for partnership-level support. From launch, we provide all of the tools that your program will need to scale seamlessly.

EthosCE offers CME technology that works for organizations of every size, allowing you to grow your program at your own pace. Ready to see how advanced CME technology can transform your program? Request a demo of EthosCE in action.