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When It's Time for a Healthcare CE LMS Evaluation

When It’s Time for a Healthcare CE LMS Evaluation

You may be somewhat satisfied with your LMS, but how can you tell when that nagging suspicion that your current platform could serve you better is a valid one? In this post, we’ll look at the telltale signs that you need a healthcare CE LMS evaluation right away.

Got a Great Marketing Campaign? Make Sure Your LMS Can Handle Success

Evaluate your LMS platform’s data management capabilities before your launch a marketing campaign.

Why complete an LMS evaluation before launching an ad? Because your marketing campaign can be a mixed blessing if your LMS is not proficient at managing a sudden influx of user data. It isn’t just a question of capacity (how much data your LMS platform can handle before records navigation becomes challenging); the way your healthcare CE LMS handles data also matters greatly.

Ask yourself:

If I receive a few hundred new enrollments, will my staff’s workflow remain about the same despite processing more incoming learner data?

If your staff has to manage key enrollment processes manually, productivity levels may dip as your program grows. That means you may have to significantly expand your existing staff’s duties, hire temporary staff, or outsource key records management duties to a third party, all choices that can be costly (and potentially harm customer experience).

Why Workflow Interruption Matters

While work interruptions are inevitable, if there is a significant increase in your team’s administrative task load caused by new learner registrations or inquiries, your entire organization may feel the impact. That’s because as inquiries come in with greater frequency through your successful campaign, response time can become an issue, causing staff to share task management duties and pull team members away from their “real” jobs. For the past 10 years, researchers studying workplace productivity suggest that workflow interruptions can cost organizations as much as 6 hours of productive time per worker, with it taking approximately 23 minutes to resume each interrupted task.

Learn how automation and other enterprise-grade LMS features protect workflow.

If I need to compare educational outcomes for a few dozen learners across multiple demographic groups over a set period, is it easy to review historical and real-time data side-by-side?

Whether you need accurate educational outcomes data for an accrediting body or community stakeholders, being able to get to your user data quickly and make sense of it is essential to the development of a successful business strategy. Your LMS should empower you to get the most out of your data by streamlining access to insights across customizable data segments.

Can I rely on my LMS to automate stakeholder notifications of changes in key data sets?

Whether it’s good news or less-than-stellar news, your organization’s stakeholders should always be up-to-date on the information that concerns their decision-making and strategy-creation processes. When dealing with healthcare CE, a one-size-fits-all general email just won’t do. Your LMS should allow you to effortlessly give your team the information that they need to optimize their resources in real-time through automated notifications customized by project, team member, and issue. Learn more

Choose an LMS that can help you scale easily by automating onboarding tasks, registrations, data management, payment processing, and transcript import.

Created Brilliant Content? Be Prepared for Lots of Questions

If your LMS does not offer a comprehensive self-help structure for learners, your new brilliant content might result in a flurry of support requests.

One of the biggest challenges that online learners face is navigating an unfamiliar platform or new content formats. It isn’t that users are unwilling to learn how to use a new platform if it takes more than a few minutes it’s just that learners expect a user-friendly self-help system to guide them. Researchers have found that LMS usability has a significant impact on educational outcomes. The easiest way to avoid your learners experiencing interruptions or delays in the learning process is to select an LMS that offers a user-friendly self-help structure along with support ticket management.

It’s time to complete a healthcare CE LMS evaluation if you are planning to improve educational outcomes for your learners by updating or creating new content.

Time for a Year-End Review? Don’t Overlook Your LMS Platform’s Job Performance

If it is time for a periodic performance review, take a long hard look at your healthcare CE LMS.

Before evaluating what your staff should do better, look at what your LMS could be doing for them. An enterprise-grade LMS can be a productivity engine for your organization, eliminating time-consuming busywork and helping your team focus on tasks that require human intelligence. Choose a platform that offers comprehensive automation features out of the box, allowing you to scale your program instantly whenever needed.

Examine your LMS platform’s ability to automate time-intensive tasks before attributing slow productivity to poor task management practices by employees.

Does your healthcare CE LMS need a checkup? That would be a “yes.”

It is time for a healthcare CE LMS evaluation when you decide that your program is ready to grow, you want to enhance educational offerings, or improve employee productivity. So when are you not thinking about program growth?

EthosCE offers a comprehensive package of solutions designed to help your program excel at member service, curriculum innovation, and educational outcome improvement while maintaining compliance with the highest CE standards.

With exceptional support and 24/7 server monitoring, EthosCE offers clients a true partnership, not just software. Connect with us for a demo to see how the right technology can transform your LMS platform’s performance.