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How to Scale Your Personify Software with a New Healthcare CE LMS

How to Scale Your Personify Software with a New Healthcare CE LMS

Your Personify software is a feature-rich platform that you likely love, but you may be on the lookout for creative ways to scale the tools that you need to build your CME program in a more resource-conscious manner.

In this post, we will show you how to enhance the value of your Personify software and make it more beneficial for your entire organization.

The right CME LMS can enable you to get the most benefit out of your Personify software installation.

Not sure if you really need an AMS-LMS integration? Here are some questions to ask:

  • Will staff productivity be impacted if we experience a sudden growth in membership?
  • Can I easily automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks and update user-facing content with a few clicks?
  • Are changes in relevant association data automatically shared with organization stakeholders?
  • Is it simple to transform raw data into insights that my team can put into practice?
  • Are operations such as order management, payment processing and user document processing managed by my LMS without the need for manual data entry?
  • Can I easily add multimedia components to my website content?
  • Is it simple to share live-streaming content with members online and offline through my existing learning management system?
  • Is historical and real-time member and learner data instantly available and easy to drill through?

An AMS-LMS integration can unlock numerous platform capabilities that your team can use to maintain efficiency and increase productivity as your organization’s technical needs change.

Now, let’s look at the steps you will take to optimize the value of your Personify software.

Step One: Get Control of Your Organization’s Data

An enterprise-grade LMS will give you mastery over your data, taking the guesswork out of collecting and managing data cleanly and efficiently. To optimize the value of your organization’s data, you have to start with data that is clean, easily accessible, and error free. That means you should look for a platform that pulls data directly from the LMS and select external sources, making it easy to slice and review in a user-friendly format. Machine-intelligence driven data entry eliminates the issues caused by the use of spreadsheets in data management. Some research suggests that as many as 90% of spreadsheets hold significant factual errors.

The best way to view complex datasets is through a customizable dashboard. With your data segments expressed as simple summaries and visualizations, it is easy to see relationships between program policy choices and educational or fiscal outcomes. An enterprise-grade LMS will make your data into a valuable tool, rather than a resource you must “mine” to access and interpret.

EthosCE Analytics, part of the EthosCE LMS platform, centralizes data management and transforms raw statistics into a blueprint for impactful educational strategy and organizational efficiency.

The EthosCE LMS integrates easily with Personify software. Learn how.

Step Two: Automate Productivity-Killing Tasks

As your association grows, so will the demands on your staff and your AMS. Your AMS can accomplish more when a powerful multi-tasking LMS handles repetitive, time-consuming tasks.

Your Personify software offers numerous benefits to your organization, but it can do much more than you imagine. When connected with the right LMS, you can pick and choose the tasks that you want your Personify AMS to manage, while delegating remaining duties to an LMS that can scale effortlessly as your administrative workload grows.

EthosCE offers task automation that enables better resource management planning and higher productivity. Task automation protects your team workflow from interruption with busywork, enabling them to become more efficient, even as data management, records processing, and customer service demands mount.

A powerful LMS partner for your AMS will amplify your existing platform’s native task management benefits.

Step Three: Get a Partnership-Level Support

If you are considering adding enterprise-grade features to your AMS through an LMS, you should be aware that the integration process is definitely not a DIY project.

You need an LMS platform that offers custom integration services designed around your organization’s specific needs. An improperly integrated LMS platform can mean significant data loss, poor user experience on both the LMS and AMS websites, and ongoing issues with everything from payment processing to email scheduling to support ticket request management.

EthosCE offers comprehensive support through the entire integration process, managing design, data transfers, and platform security for you so there is no need to get your hands dirty with the technical side of things. We design your AMS-LMS integration for instant scalability, enabling you to develop a long-term growth strategy unhindered by concerns over the impact of rapid program expansion.

Custom integration with extensive support makes it simple for you to scale your organization and CME programming painlessly.

As an LMS platform client, you are a partner, not just a customer. You receive the kind of partnership-level, human-focused support that empowers rapid growth.

Ready to get the most out of your Personify software? See how AMS and LMS platforms thrive together with a free demo.