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How to Tell When You Need a Continued Medical Education Software

How to Tell When You Need a Continued Medical Education Software

While managing a fledgling continuing medical education (CME) program with your existing administrative system may work well during the first few months, as your program grows, your resources and team may be pulled in multiple directions. With growth comes complexity and diversity of educational and resource management needs. It is essential to know the signs of an overtaxed medical education management system to ensure your program’s success. In this post, we will show you three signs that it is time to consider a learning management system (LMS) platform designed specifically for continuing medical education.

Big Data Shouldn’t Be a Big Problem

If your program data is accumulating rapidly, becoming unmanageable, and provides few actionable insights, your organization can benefit from an LMS designed for CME.

The amount of data that your organization generates grows along with programming. As your marketing campaigns become increasingly successful, or you expand course offerings, your data will become more valuable to the strategy-building process (by sheer volume and depth of potential insights) and harder to manage.

At this juncture, the discovery process involved in searching for, testing, and narrowing down an array of data management options will be lengthy, costly, and disruptive to your team’s workflow. As you miss valuable insights and your team shifts focus to processing learner data and corresponding administrative duties, you are also compromising team productivity and any benefits your learners may have gained from the insights that lay fallow in your LMS.

The right time to find a user-friendly data management solution is before it becomes urgent.

Ask yourself:

Good data collection hygiene requires automation for program scalability. The more data your program generates, the higher the likelihood that your insights may become contaminated by manual data entry errors.

It also becomes more challenging to determine meaning from any patterns that you might see in your data, like a drop in course completion rates and a change in curriculum, unless you can view historical and current data side-by-side.

EthosCE Analytics, a comprehensive data management and analytics suite, transforms “data dumps” into actionable insights that you can implement straight away. Learn more.

Your Curriculum Model Should Only be Limited by your Imagination, not Your Platform

If your team is struggling to map out long-term curriculum strategy because your access to modern educational tools is limited, it’s time to reassess your LMS needs.

Building a CME program that can be responsive to the diverse educational needs of current and potential students requires a platform that makes it easy to integrate innovative content into activities and assessments. That means your platform should easily accommodate the latest recommendations in continuing education learning experience design, like the use of video, animation, and key gamification components like assessments with immediate multimedia feedback to engage learners.

EthosCE makes the use of automated feedback, animation, video, and live streams easy in assessments, activities, and enrichment content. In addition, our platform offers:

  • Full multimedia support, including webinars, podcasts, and live-stream integrations.
  • Easily add video from YouTube or upload your own videos or Flash content.
  • Easy to use with popular applications like Captivate, Articulate, and Adobe Presenter.
  • SCORM and Tin Can support.

Can your current learning management system:

  • Bring offline learners into the online learning community with mobile check-ins at live events, allowing them to view online content?
  • Create game-inspired quiz content that provides in-activity feedback to encourage knowledge retention and engagement?
  • Allow you to use video and animation to illustrate complex concepts while scraping valuable user engagement data in real-time?

Your LMS should empower curriculum innovation without your help, allowing you to build immersive learning experiences that match your audience’s needs without having to write a single line of code.

Let Your Human Staff Work “Human” Hours: Put Machine Intelligence to Work

When administrative tasks are multiplying and impacting team productivity, you should consider a continued medical education LMS. Automation allows you to delegate duties to your CME platform that computers perform best: repetitive, time-intensive tasks. Here are just some of the tasks that can be automated with an enterprise-grade LMS:

  • Welcome emails and on-boarding walkthroughs for new members.
  • Payment processing and member registration.
  • Member polling and feedback analytics.
  • User engagement monitoring.
  • Customized feedback before, during, and after learner assessments.
  • Bulk learner transcripts creation, importing, and user profile creation.
  • Learner credit monitoring.
  • Print-on-demand certificates of completion.
  • Payment and inactivity reminders.
  • Data reporting and notifications.

EthosCE gives you the best of both worlds: total control of how and when you automate repetitive tasks without having to touch the technical side of things.

Get the data management, curriculum design, and task automation features that you want in one platform.

EthosCE is an all-in-one enterprise-grade solution that helps your program scale easily from any stage of its development.

Our support is comprehensive and at partnership-level, empowering you to take advantage of the benefits of our platform right away through a supportive on-boarding and training process (with included, continued technical support).

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