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CME LMS that Offers the Best User Experience and ROI

CME LMS that Offers the Best User Experience and ROI

Finding a CME LMS that offers the best user experience and ROI is a challenge, but don’t be tempted to settle for a passable alternative. The success of your CME program depends on the quality of your LMS. Having a firm set of standards in mind when evaluating CME LMS products will help you choose wisely.

Know How Your Potential CME LMS Handles Data Before Making Your Choice.

Data-driven insights drive excellent user experiences for your learners. When you have a clear portrait of the needs and interests of your members you can create educational experiences that match their unique requirements.

For CE directors, access to data-driven insights is as close as you can get to having a personal oracle. Actually, your data is much more reliable and useful than any all-powerful soothsayer could be, since the right analytics suite can transform insights into user-friendly, printable data visualizations.

The specific data sets where you will find your most valuable insights may take many forms, but they often include:

  • Learner demographic information such as region, age, years of work experience.
  • Learner engagement patterns over time.
  • Student assessment scores before and after the addition of specific content.
  • Help desk and support requests.
  • Email responsiveness.
  • Course-by-course learner interactivity patterns during specific times.
  • User engagement with multimedia components versus static content.

These are just some of the datasets that offer valuable insights on the impact of your current educational strategy, but that value is dependent on the “cleanliness” of your data. In brief, “clean” program data is collected directly from the LMS and entered automatically to the analytics suite.

With EthosCE, for example, all of your program and member data is automatically scraped, warehoused, and compiled directly from the LMS and select external sources. You can slice your data the way you want, comparing as many datasets as you like to uncover meaningful patterns and relationships that can give context to your decision-making processes.

“Dirty” data is just what it sounds like. It has been sullied by human error and provides inaccurate or incomplete findings. This usually occurs when data is entered manually into spreadsheets or word processing format.

In fact, researchers in a recent study found that more than 90% of spreadsheets used to store critical organization data held significant errors, costing companies billions of dollars.

“Dirty” data results in irrelevant or inaccurate insights that lead to poorly targeted (or harmful) educational policy and marketing strategy.

Ask yourself:

True data ownership means 360-degree transparency. Demand a platform that offers the tools that you need to master your data.

Understand How High (or Low) the Bar is for User Experience According to Your Platform Provider.

What does your prospective platform consider excellent user experience? An eye-catching but unfussy navigational design? A user-friendly FAQ? Activities components that are easy to follow for professionals with little time to learn platform-specific navigational quirks?

Your chosen LMS platform should be a prime example of advanced learning experience (LX) design thinking. Every aspect of your members’ user experience reflects on your organization’s commitment to their educational goals. You can’t afford to trust your brand’s reputation to a platform offering a mediocre experience in your organization’s name.

Excellence in user experience is more than just effortless navigation and well-designed activities. The best user experiences also empower rapid learning and knowledge retention.

Look for an LMS that makes it simple to add immersive teaching components like interactive video and automated feedback during assessments. The ability to customize activities to enable your learners to get the most out of their courses is key to maintaining educational excellence over time.

Another critical component of your program’s user experience quality is behavioral tracking. Choose an LMS that allows you to track learner outcomes easily from an admin panel. With quick access to real-time data, you can identify struggling learners and launch an educational intervention before they drop out of the course.

Keep learners engaged with innovative content and behavioral tracking that encourages course completion.

Choose an LMS that makes user experience a priority at every touchpoint between your members and the platform. Avoid compromise on key user experience components like user interface usability and self-help design.

Look for an Ability to Provide Immediate Tangible Benefits to Productivity Levels When Selecting a LMS.

You don’t have to let busywork limit or roll back productivity levels as your program grows. Administrative automation helps your team maintain high levels of productivity and protects you from workflow interruptions that derail progress towards benchmarks.

While it is inevitable that you will have more administrative tasks to deal with as your program expands, with the right platform your organization can become more efficient, even as your workload increases. Tasks that can be automated include:

  • Custom email generation when learner reaches a specific point in a course.
  • Automated feedback before, during, and after learner assessments.
  • Payment reminders.
  • Course progress updates.
  • Bulk transcript and learner profile import.
  • CME credit accumulation updates.
  • Self-service course certificate printing.
  • New learner onboarding after registration.
  • Self-service FAQ guidance and on-page help within activities.

An LMS that doesn’t start creating value on your first day of use is not a viable option for your organization. Select an LMS that makes your entire organization easier to manage and more efficient.

Create the Best User Experience for Your Members with a Few Clicks

EthosCE offers enterprise-grade features that promote long-term user engagement and a broad-based appeal to CME learners of diverse educational backgrounds. From a comprehensive analytics suite that offers immediate insights from program data to a powerful arsenal of educational content possibilities, your program becomes instantly scalable when you choose our platform.

Ready for better ROI and consistently excellent user experiences? Request a 1-on1 demo to see our platform in action.