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Why the Right LMS for Your CE is More Important Than Ever!

Why the Right LMS for Your CE is More Important Than Ever!

While you may be aware that your industry has grown rapidly over the past few years, you might not know that having the right LMS is a significant competitive edge.

An enterprise-grade LMS provides CME directors with more than just software: with a scalable CME management platform, a robust analytics suite helps insure that program resources can be optimized and used to build sustainable success.

Do you have the right LMS?

The number of accredited CME providers and the range of courses have grown considerably in the last 3 years. Because learners have more choice, you have yet another reason to make sure that every aspect of your program is competitive.

If you are spending a significant amount of time doing any of the following during your workweek, it is likely that you’ve purchased an LMS that was not purpose-built for CME:

  • Manually collecting learner assessment performance data
  • Copying and pasting historical and current program data into spreadsheets
  • Manually importing student records
  • Using a spreadsheet to compare changes in learner outcomes before and after updates to activities content
  • Developing workarounds with a web designer to add video content to an activity
  • Manually recording course completion data and calculating changes in outcomes over time

With an enterprise-grade LMS that is purposely built for CME, you won’t have to devote time to critical tasks that can be automated, like data collection. With EthosCE, crucial LMS administrative duties such as data collection and warehousing are automated securely. You won’t have to worry about data gaps or records corrupted by human error.

LMS administrative duties are critical too

As a CME director you will spend a lot of time putting out fires, but you’ll spend even more time on administrative tasks that are critical to your program’s success. The right LMS will reduce (rather than add to) your administrative workload. An enterprise-grade LMS will reduce the time that you have to devote to vital-but-time-consuming tasks like:

Creating and sending emails to learners:
With EthosCE, you can create customized email content templates and automatically schedule emails based on specific circumstances, such as when a learner has ceased activity on the LMS for a long period of time or when a payment is due. By customizing content for each situation and scheduling ahead, you can “set it and forget it” when it comes to learner email updates.

Identifying and interacting with at-risk learners:
Maintaining high course completion rates is at the core of your CME mission as well as a key component of your program’s ability to remain competitive. Identifying and connecting with struggling learners, however, can be a time and resource-intensive activity. The EthosCE LMS lets you create automated responses to incorrect answers and unsatisfactory scores on assessments. This allows you to provide customized messaging with links to additional resources or specific guidance per question to at-risk learners.

Updating student enrollment data and changing course records:
Because EthosCE pulls data directly from the LMS, course and student data is automatically warehoused and instantly accessible. New student records can be imported in bulk, and learner information can be viewed through customizable data dashboards in the LMS admin.

Sharing data-driven insights and reporting new findings:
One of your most important ongoing tasks is also one of the most resource-intensive: data analytics. Even if you have a dedicated analytics team, you’ll spend a significant amount of time on creating reports from their findings. That’s one of the reasons that EthosCE made comprehensive analytics a standard feature of our LMS. For CME directors, the ability to quickly gather and share data-driven insights with organization stakeholders is essential for the development of an agile growth strategy.

Streamlining internal communications:
Not only does EthosCE offer a range of customizable report templates that allow you to easily import data, but you can also set up alerts to notify your team of changes in relevant data automatically. Our advanced notifications feature keeps your entire team up-to-date on the data that they need to know in real-time. There’s no need to call a meeting or launch a email chain.

Making internal publications more user-friendly:
Data visualizations are great tools for summarizing complex material and presenting it in bite-sized format. With EthosCE Analytics, our enterprise-grade analytics suite, all of your critical program data can be sliced and transformed into easy-to-read graphic summaries with a few clicks. That means less time spent crafting lengthy reports and fewer requests for clarification on key data points. Learn more about advanced data visualizations.

Insuring that user experience is always optimal:
With a purpose-built CME platform, your learners will benefit from an intuitive user interface and a self-help system that provides guidance every step of the way as they complete activities. Our content components are designed to make it simple to create engaging activities that communicate advanced concepts efficiently and memorably. Learn more about how our LMS allows you to design user experience the way you want.

The Industry is More Competitive Than Ever: Can Your CME Program Keep Up?

Streamlining CME operations and providing members with an exceptional user experience are essential achievements for CME directors interested in maintaining their competitive advantage. Our LMS is scalable by nature—providing everything that you need to grow your program successfully, whether you start with a dozen or a thousand students.

With an enterprise-grade LMS, you can:

  • Optimize the value of your program data, by easily transforming raw statistics into actionable insights through data visualizations.
  • Use advanced content development tools to create a curriculum based on learners’ desired educational outcomes.
  • Find all of the service components—from curriculum development consulting to video production—that CME directors might need to sustain program growth regardless of their organization’s size.

EthosCE is designed specially for medical CE, with over 16 years of experience in the field. We’ve helped many associations and universities make the switch to our easy-to-use LMS. If you’d like to learn more about how EthosCE may be the right LMS for you, feel free to request a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our medical CE experts here.

Ready to get a competitive edge? Connect with EthosCE today for a 1-on-1 demo on why you need the right LMS!