Research Supports Web Interventions for Depression, Anxiety, and Stress

A Dutch research group has provided further support for the role of Web-based interventions for the treatment of psychiatric disorders, such as depression, anxiety and stress. The study examined the effectiveness of online problem-solving modules in helping people manage depression, anxiety, and stress in their lives. People with more significant depression and anxiety received the greatest benefit from the intervention. These findings are inline with Dr. Mitch Golant’s research at The Wellness Community, which found that breast cancer patients who participated in online support groups achieved similar benefits compared with women who participated in face-to-face groups.

As I continue to see the evidence mount, I am reminded of a reviewer’s comment to a grant we submitted in 2003 to create an online cancer patient support platform. The reviewer stated, “There is no evidence to support the notion that people would be willing to go on the Internet for psychological support.” Really??? (We built the site anyway and it has been a great success).