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3 Ways to Maximize Your Online CME Course Hosting Platform

3 Ways to Maximize Your Online CME Course Hosting Platform

Building your course with a new online course hosting platform is only the first step. You’ll need to take full advantage of all the features in order to design, implement, and follow up the best course possible.

You’ll need to take full advantage of everything that your new CME online course hosting platform has to offer. Don’t be afraid to stretch it to its limits. Here are three ways to maximize your online course hosting platform.

Use rich media to create the ultimate learner-centered learning

Learner-centered instruction is a vital part of ensuring the best learner outcomes. This methodology provides a deeper understanding of the material and treats learners as active agents of their own learning.

Using multimedia strategies for learning is easier with the right course features. A combination of different assessment strategies, ways to engage with the material, and videos will help build a robust course that delivers. Such features can include:

  • Discussion boards. Dynamic conversations and community knowledge allow learners to unpack and understand complex and even controversial material.
  • Interactive elements. There will be no more boring PDFs. Instead, learners can receive instruction through a variety of methods that address different learning preferences.
  • Portfolio options. Ensure learning development through long-term record keeping, allowing learners to display overall mastery and provide better assessment for course delivery.
  • On-demand video. Allow learners to arrange their learning schedule. One of the most popular features of online learning is the ability to engage with material at a learner’s best schedule.

Use nudging to improve learner outcomes

Nudging is a psychological tactic designed to help someone make the healthiest or best choices that they can. It involves using methods designed to remove obstacles to healthy decisions and facilitate success.

Online course features can remove common professional development obstacles and improve learner outcomes. Instead of committing your staff to a lifetime of complicated details and follow-ups, you’ll be able to improve outcomes with a few simple actions. Course nudging involves:

  • Streamlined e-commerce options. Learners sign up and pay in one smooth transaction—no more abandoned carts or missed deadlines.
  • Universal login. Learners who take more than one course will be able to sign in using a single set of credentials, streamlining records and encouraging repeat sign-ups.
  • Automated follow-ups for relevant course benchmarks. Learners receive follow-up notifications, so they never miss vital benchmarks.
  • Streamlined review process. Getting reviews for your courses is simple with this straightforward notification process.
  • Automated notifications for new course options or new series openings. These make your marketing tasks much easier.

Take advantage of any concierge services

You’re a medical expert, not a design, course building, or tech expert. One of the most significant factors in your course’s success is the back office and administration. You may not be able to hire a full secondary staff to make it all happen, but there’s good news.

Concierge services from your course hosting provider can ensure that all those little details are sorted. Make full use of any and all concierge services offered by your CME course hosting provider so you can both facilitate the course delivery and ensure efficiency without burdening your existing staff.

  • Do data entry and other administrative tasks. Relieve the burden on staff, and ensure that your course details are uploaded, records are audited, and any other necessary administrative tasks are completed, while your existing staff handles higher-order tasks.
  • Use tech support and deep-level security monitoring. You don’t have to be a tech wizard. Your course hosting provider will monitor the website, patch security holes, and ensure that all updates happen while monitoring your website performance.
  • Take advantage of expert designers to build and brand your course. Concierge designers can also streamline branding and provide a seamless transition between your website and the course.

While concierge services are a more significant investment than standard services, they will allow you to expand course offerings and possibly improve course outcomes altogether. While you don’t have to jump in all at once, gradually adopting the higher-level features could help take your courses to the next level.


Taking full advantage of your CME course hosting provider will ensure that you build the best course possible. Its features can expand the boundaries of traditional CME through smart notifications, monitoring, and concierge services.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The days of boring continuing education courses are over; the embedded features and guidance from experts give you all the resources that you need to build and deploy your course. These will help you make the most of your chosen platform while encouraging learners to succeed.

The right features will elevate your course and support administration. Once you’ve figured out the features that work best for your courses, learners, and staff, you’ll be able to deliver professional development that delivers results.

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