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5 Advantages of a Full-Featured Medical LMS

5 Advantages of a Full-Featured Medical LMS

While it may be tempting to seek out a low-cost medical LMS and then attempt to add on features as needed, this strategy will add to, rather than reduce, your costs over time. In this piece, we’ll look at the best ways to ensure that you get the most value out of your budget while creating exceptional educational programming for your learners.

Sometimes less is not more: Why you need a full-featured medical LMS

A full-featured medical LMS offers a range of unique benefits not available on a simple platform.

While it makes sense to seek out a bargain when shopping for an LMS platform, compromising on quality is never a good value for your organization. A cheap LMS will likely add to your long-term costs. A basic LMS with limited features will tax human resources and your organization’s budget over time, forcing you to pay for necessary add-on features like analytics and multimedia content. In addition, as your organization grows, the need for efficient data management, curriculum flexibility, and streamlined reporting will only increase.

Here are five advantages to help you choose an LMS designed for medical CE:

1. Your program needs to optimize its data collection process.

“Clean” data is the life’s blood of your decision-making process: without it you are betting the future of your program on guesswork and opinion. Both are valuable, but neither are a legitimate substitute for the kind of predictive, evidence-driven insights that create successful growth strategies.

Data reporting, especially when it comes to CME standards compliance, should be effortless and error-free.

Clean data means error-free information that you can rely on to assess program strengths and weaknesses and develop effective marketing and curriculum solutions. Manual data collection is time-consuming and prone to corruption via human error. With a full-featured medical LMS like EthosCE, a robust analytics suite pulls data directly from the LMS and translates it into actionable insights ready to be transformed into strategy.

2. A medical CE program should have an LMS that offers curriculum components that are adaptable to the changing needs of a diverse audience of learners.

As your program grows, so will the array of educational needs that your activities must address. In a competitive market, you can’t afford to miss potential learners because your platform can’t accommodate an innovative curriculum strategy. With an enterprise-grade LMS platform, you will be able to employ the latest educational tools to reach the broadest spectrum of learners. From video to animation to webinars, EthosCE empowers you to provide educational programming that works for every learning style.

3. Your LMS should cut down on repetitive, time-intensive work.

As your program expands, your platform will generate enormous amounts of student data, from enrollments to certificate and credit tracking requests. If it is a bit taxing now, it will only get more out of hand when your winning marketing strategies begin to result in new registrations. administrative automation is essential feature for your LMS. EthosCE automates LMS administrative tasks like bulk registrations, email notifications, and payment reminders, free you and your staff to focus on program development, not email chains.

4.The right LMS will expand, not restrict your users.

The ability to offer live event syncing is also an important feature for a medical CE program. Live events are an important marketing opportunity for your CME program. An enterprise-grade LMS will allow you to manage live event check-ins and connect in-person event attendees with online learning experiences, thereby expanding your audience and introducing new potential learners to further programming. EthosCE makes connecting online and offline education simple, allowing you to offer educational experiences that are immersive and engaging wherever your learners are.

5. Your LMS should offer much more than quizzes and PDFs.

EthosCE support begins immediately and doesn’t stop once you’ve purchased the platform. EthosCE works as a partner with your organization, helping you grow your medical CE program with an array of tools designed to help your organization scale seamlessly.

One more reason not to settle for a basic LMS

Without the features that amplify knowledge retention, analytics, engagement strategy, and effective data management in medical CE, your organization will expend resources unnecessarily attempting DIY solutions.

That means an interrupted workflow, hastily diverted resources, and an uncertain development process until the advanced features that you need are in place. Why operate with a disadvantage in a highly competitive market?

EthosCE provides a best-in-class comprehensive medical CE solution, encompassing analytics, administration, and curriculum development. In addition, you’ll find outstanding, ongoing support to help your organization thrive and easily scale.

For organizations focused on educational excellence, a powerful medical LMS platform is a must-have.

Here are just some of the other features our LMS platform offers for medical CE:

  • Create and deliver any credit type including credit hours, CEUs, CNE, CPE, CLE, CFP, CEH, PDH, and any other credit types including specialty credits
  • Credit and certification tracking
  • Course management
  • Classroom tracking
  • Self-paced learning
  • Auto-generated certificates
  • E-commerce for paid courses
  • Curriculum mapping to state-regulated training standards
  • Reminders for renewing certifications

Individual course features include:

  • Bulk import of learners and transcripts
  • Provide feedback to the learner during the assessment, either globally, specific to the question or the user’s response
  • Create multimedia questions and easily embed videos
  • Create follow-up assessments that automatically notify learners based on the interval you set, such as a 30-day follow up assessment
  • Full multimedia support
  • Easily add video from YouTube or upload your own videos or Flash learning content
  • Easy to use with popular applications like Captivate, Articulate and Adobe Presenter
  • SCORM and Tin Can supported
  • Restrict and or hide course components based on time or pre-requisites

EthosCE provides a comprehensive all-in-one solution for growth-focused organizations of any size. Regardless of your program’s stage of development, EthosCE’s tools can help you optimize your existing resources and streamline operations so that your team can focus on delivering superior educational experiences to your learners.

If you would like to learn more about how you can implement EthosCE for your business and reap the rewards from a full-featured LMS, feel free to reach out and schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!