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Mobile Device CME: A Bright Future Ahead - EthosCE

Mobile Device CME: A Bright Future Ahead

According to a recent Ambient Insight article, health care represents 20 percent of the total U.S. mobile learning market. This makes healthc are the largest vertical market for mobile learning adoption.

Growth trends for mobile learning highlighted in the article include:

  • 18 % of 6.5 million U.S. healthcare professionals use PDAs or other mobile devices
  • 55 % of 800,000 (440,000) physicians use handheld devices in their daily practice
  • Physicians over age 40 are slightly less likely than their younger counterparts to be early adopters of mobile technology; 90% of physicians under age 30 use mobile devices
  • 22-24% of 3 million (700,000) nurses use handheld devices; nursing related products represent the fastest growing of all mobile learning products
  • Nearly all new healthcare professionals entering the workforce are experienced mobile technology users and expect to use technology in their practice
  • Robust growth of mobile CME indicates it will overtake classroom and web-based CME within the next decade