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The Obligatory iPhone Review - EthosCE

The Obligatory iPhone Review

Like millions of others new iPhone users, I feel the need to share my thoughts about this new tool. Two words: It Rocks.

The phone interface is amazing with the multi-touch screen and navigation. It took me about 30-minutes to activate my phone, convert all of my email and contacts from Entourage to Apple Mail and Address Book (those applications alone are worth switching), and synched up with Salesforce.com. Access to all of my critical information, contacts, photos, video, email, music, and, yes, podcasts all in one device…finally!

I know that my friends in pharmaceutical sales training industry claim that they are convinced that their trainees use their iPods for their music and not the podcasts downloaded from their training Website. While that may be true to some extent, I believe that these all-in-one devices will put an end to that as MP3 devices become less of recreation toy and more of business tool. Personally, I use my iPhone for podcasting everyday when I listen to numerous topical podcasts on technology, medicine, and elearning. Just connect my iPhone to my car stereo and go. Every night, I synch it up to iTunes and it removes podcasts that i have already reviewed and downloads new ones in about five minutes.

So if you can live with AT&T’s horrible data network, the iPhone is definitely worth checking out and, in my opinion, holds much promise for delivering effective elearning now and in the future.