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Curious What a Med CE Designed LMS Can Do for You?

Curious What a Med CE Designed LMS Can Do for You?

If you have a generic LMS, then you know that you can spend hours, or even days attempting to enact small, necessary changes to make your platform work the way it should. That isn’t fair to you or your staff, and you might wonder if there is a better way to get the LMS that you want. A med CE-designed LMS constructed to serve the unique needs of the CME learner. Many products that are marketed to CME program directors as CME management services and LMS platforms are generic, and just like the name indicates, they’re bare bones, all-purpose starter systems that aren’t meant to scale, or meet the needs of CME learners.

Is it you, or is your LMS platform missing the mark?

CME learners have unique needs that cannot be served by a generic LMS. They’re medical professionals, used to academic rigor, but with limited time to absorb complex topics. Medical CE learners won’t be indulgent with gimmicky user interfaces and stylish-but-impractical bells and whistles in their content. As a CME director, your goal is to facilitate the best possible learning experience for your students, and that means getting the most out of your resources. If your LMS can’t provide the tools that you need to scale effectively from day one, then it is probably time to start looking for a new platform.

Ask yourself:

When I have an influx of students, do I also have an uptick in support calls?
Your LMS may have persistent usability issues that can’t be solved through your existing FAQs or self help system. That means that as your program grows, you’ll waste more of your resources attempting to help your learners use the system correctly.

Is it simple to tailor components of my curriculum to students in need of educational intervention?
If your LMS does not allow you to automatically push targeted material to specific students in need of extra help based on learner assessment, then you may unnecessarily lose a number of struggling learners after a single poor performance.

Can I update my curriculum content on the fly in response to new learner outcomes data?
If adding or updating key course content is a challenge, then you may be inadvertently compromising your student’s educational experience. The longer it takes to implement needed changes, the more likely it is that your students will become discouraged and consider dropping out.

Do I have access to all of my course, learner outcomes, and historical data at my fingertips?
Most generic LMS platforms don’t offer any automate analytics functions. Those that they do offer are frequently superficial—headcounts and summaries of basic LMS actions that you can easily glean manually.

If making your LMS’ structure fit the needs of your learners is a full-time job, then you aren’t using a med CE designed LMS.

When CME directors waste resources attempting to build the features that they require to make their LMS scale effectively, everyone—from your learners to your organization’s CFO—feels the impact. You have fewer staff hours available to manage basic operational concerns. You have less time to come up with creative pathways for long-term program goals. Your students receive the best curriculum that your program can manage—not the best that you can create.

How a Med Designed LMS Helps You Do Your Job

The EthosCE CME LMS was built to serve as an all-in-one solution for CME directors. Our system was created to make it easier for you to develop exceptional learning experiences for your students at scale—without compromising on educational quality or the efficiency or your management process. A med designed LMS gets out of your way and helps you lead your organization forward. Here’s how:

An enterprise CE LMS empowers data-driven decision-making

The EthosCE Analytics suite provides custom, auto-generated data visualizations that transform historical and real-time data into insights that you can share with your organization with a click. Reports can be scheduled ahead of time and ordered to update stakeholders with changes in real-time.

A med CE designed LMS prioritizes usability and personalization over trend

CME students are professionals with different educational needs than those of a casual online learner. The EthosCE LMS offers CME directors a user-friendly, intuitive LMS that can be easily customized according to the unique requirements of a professional audience of learners. Our user interface is purpose-driven and based on current learning experience design best practices. Our LMS users avoid support ticket chaos by default—our LMS is puts the user experience first.

A scalable LMS has everything that you need in a single dashboard

With the EthosCE LMS, CME directors have access a robust, scalable LMS, analytics suite, CME management tools, and data reporting features on a single platform. You won’t have to search for a new platform to create a webinar or manage your payment gateway or monitor metrics for a year-end data report.

EthosCE also offers add-on services, such as web design and curriculum development for growing CME programs. You can have all of your future design and curriculum development needs taken care of without looking for a third-party provider.

Here are just some of our CME LMS features:

It’s time to stop fighting with your LMS.

EthosCE has more than 16 years of experience empowering intelligent growth for CME programs. The EthosCE LMS and EthosCE Analytics med CE suite combine to provide a market-leading product that enables CME directors to focus on providing superior educational experiences, while enjoying enterprise-grade features. Ready to stop working for your LMS? Watch our platform in action and schedule a demo.