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Jon Stewart's "Appholes": AT&T Manages to Ruin the iPhone - EthosCE

Jon Stewart’s “Appholes”: AT&T Manages to Ruin the iPhone

I know that this is not really related to the normal health technology topics I write about.  However, as an early iPhone user who was forced to switch to AT&T, this segment by Jon Stewart is dead on (and hilarious).  He aptly points out that Steve Jobs shouldn’t be kicking down doors to retrieve a missing iPhone prototype or writing a manifesto about why he believes Adobe Flash is inferior (though he raises some valid points).  Rather, Steve Jobs should be blasting AT&T for driving people up a wall with a crappy network that drops calls like its 1995!  AT&T’s network is a nightmare and completely unacceptable compared to other carriers.  I guess it says a lot about how much we love the iPhone to put up with this nonsense and disruption to conducting business.

Granted, this is old news to iPhone users, but very funny segment.  Fast foward to 1m:12seconds

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