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Introducing EthosCE 7.4.2! - EthosCE

Introducing EthosCE 7.4.2!

Today we’ve released EthosCE 7.4.2. We’ll be rolling this release out to customers during the coming weeks. Here’s a description of what to expect.

Enrollment bundles for paid courses.

In 7.4.1 we released “enrollment bundles.” Enrollment bundles are a group of questions that a learner must answer before enrolling in the course. In 7.4.2 we have added support for enrollment bundles for paid courses!

Enrollment bundles are useful because they allow administrators to collect time- or event-sensitive data that you might not want to collect on the user profile. Example use cases would include asking for:

  • “The name and number of guests” for those attending a conference;
  • “Years of experience” data to be used for outcomes reports;
  • “How did you find this course” for marketing purposes;
  • Or any other course-specific questions might change from course to course.

The learners’ responses can be downloaded in the enrollment report.

Linked-enrollment requirements

Linked-enrollment requirements allow administrators to require users to purchase or enroll in one course before they purchase or enroll in a second course. Until now EthosCE has only offered “Course-completion enrollment requirements,” which require completion of one or more courses before enrolling in a second course.

Linked-enrollment requirements are especially useful for conference registrations. For example, an administrator can require a user to purchase a conference registration before purchasing a single seminar. In EthosCE 7.4.1 this would require two steps: first purchase the conference and then purchase the seminar. Now, a user can do this in a single step.

Web service documentation

We’ve added a built-in web service documentation for those EthosCE customers who want to use our web service add-on module.

What Else?

7.4.2 includes many other minor additions, changes and more than 80 bug fixes. The full list is available to customers in the changelog.