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How to Survive CPD Employee Turnover and Maintain CE Quality

How to Survive CPD Employee Turnover and Maintain CE Quality

Are you experiencing high employee turnover in your CPD office?

Many businesses are having the same problem, which has a knock-on effect on the quality of what product or service they produce.

For you, it can take you away from your role of creating quality continuing education courses for your learners and increasing and maintaining their satisfaction.

Can you survive a steady employee turnover? You can! A service exists that helps fill the gaps when you don’t have the staff to get things done and at the same time, lets you maintain the quality of your CE.

The Cost of Employee Turnovers Can Kill Organizations: What’s It Doing to Yours?

In any company, high turnover can affect its mission. Regardless of the organization’s size, turnover is a significant concern and can have serious implications. For example, it disrupts an organization’s efficiency and can threaten the implementation of new initiatives.

Many factors contribute to high employee turnover. Low pay, low engagement, and the lack of a challenge are among commonly cited problems. A Willis Tower Watson study found that one in three hires will leave a company within two years.

There are also the costs involved that can quickly add up. Employee turnover means having to go through the recruitment, selection, and hiring process all over again. This costs you money, which you may not have if you’re already on a cash-strapped budget. These numbers should drive the point home:

  • A recent Employees Benefits News report stated that turnovers could cost employers 33% of an employee’s annual salary. If an employee earned a median salary of $45,000, it would cost the company $15,000 per person—along with that original $45,000. For those earning between $30,000 and $50,000, the cost would be $8,000.
  • A Boushey and Glynn report cited that among employees earning $30,000 or less, the cost of replacing them clocks in at 16% of an employee’s annual salary.

There are also secondary issues when you’re tackling employee turnover. Do these sound familiar?

  • Lost productivity because you need to hire temps
  • Costs of giving additional work to the remaining employees, causing loss of morale, more stress, and potential burnout
  • Costs involved as the new employee learns their job, which can include errors and reduced work quality

If these sound all too familiar in your CDP office, you need to find ways to reduce your employee turnover while maintaining and improving your CE quality.

Your Turnover Troubles

As a CE director, it’s your job to create innovative courses and activities for your learners and employees. You also have to work with ACCME and AMCC standards, along with the time-consuming documentation that you have to keep up with.

However, if you’re dealing with staff turnover, you’re caught with even more balls to juggle as you address filling and refilling jobs, training, and other tasks. This can cause your CE courses to suffer due to lack of quality and can result in your learners going to competitors when their needs aren’t met. You also don’t have the time to boost the variety of courses you offer, increase the numbers of learners, and improve their course engagement and satisfaction. This is combined with trying to grow your revenue, which can take a big hit on brand awareness.

The fact is, there’s an easy improvement that your CPD can make to eliminate employee turnover, but you may not realize that a solution is out there. You also might believe that any improvements are expensive or require even more staff than you already have—or rather, had.

A service is available to relieve the headaches you’re getting from dealing with your limited resources.

CE Directors Take Note: There’s a Service That Helps with Your CPD Office Employee Turnover

EthosCE offers an LMS full-service concierge that can help you with the issues of having limited resources as a result of employee turnover. Our professional service brings in expert and highly skilled professionals who can find and implement best practices for improved user experiences. These services increase the number of activities that your CPD office can do with limited staff.

EthosCE provides experienced project managers and data entry staff to make sure your e-learning production stays on track. It also gives you access to expert CPD technical resources for offloading menial tasks, such as setting up courses, creating and sending reports, pulling data, entering data, documenting, emailing learners, providing end-user support data entry, and supplemental training.

You might think that such a professional service is cost-prohibitive. However, cheap labor can be expensive when you factor in training, as well as dealing with turnovers and the entire repeated hiring process.

By using EthosCE’s LMS concierge service, tasks can be done more quickly than having students or expensive temp workers, once the efficiencies, speed, and quality are factored in. This set-per-course-fee service can also be done remotely and/or with a retainer contract.

Prevent Employee Turnover and Boost Your CE’S Quality

When you’re dealing with limited resources, it’s difficult to focus on creating innovative CE courses and adding to your offerings. EthosCE’s LMS concierge service removes these gaps and lets you concentrate on creating your best courses possible.

EthosCE supports tightly resourced medical CPD offices by providing professional services that they use to set up courses, send reports, pull data, provide supplemental training, and more. At EthosCE, we believe a lack of internal resources shouldn’t get in the way of delivering quality CME.

Prevent your CPD office’s employee turnover and create quality CE courses. Schedule a 1 on 1 demo with one of our specialists today!