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Why It's Important to Have a Robust CME Tracking Software

Why It’s Important to Have a Robust CME Tracking Software

Your job isn’t only about keeping course completion rates up and new enrollments streaming in. It’s also about making sure that each learner can meet their educational goals. Achieving these goals can increase member satisfaction, brand awareness, and memberships. In this post, we’ll discover how robust CME tracking software can increase member engagement to drive program efficiency and growth.

CME Tracking Software is Key to User Engagement.

You don’t want your members to plow through their courses in agonizing boredom. You want them engaged and eager for new learning experiences. Monitoring learner activity is a strong predictor of learner success that can help increase course completion rates and sustain user engagement.

Robust Learner Tracking Allows You to Identify and Support At-Risk Learners.

Robust learner tracking does much more than identify poor learner performance. It identifies patterns in performance as they surface and gives you the tools to solve them. Simple, instant access to your course data allows you to see those patterns in real-time.

Useful CME tracking software lets you compare real-time and historical learner data to identify learning patterns.

See how learner assessment scores changed after the addition of new content — alternatively, view improvements in course outcomes year-to-year for specific groups of learners.

CME tracking allows you to identify patterns at every stage of your educational program.

CME tracking should take place on three levels:

  • Program-wide to assess overall performance.
  • By the course to assess specific program performance.
  • By the learner to assess individual learner performance.

Important to note:

A basic LMS won’t allow you to identify and support disengaged learners before they drop out of your programs and cost you revenue. Instead, it will force you to collect user and program data manually. Did we mention you’ll have to analyze that data on your own time?

With EthosCE, learner data gives you an accurate picture of your program’s success without the manual work of collection and analysis.

Monitoring Course Operations are as Important as Keeping Tabs on User Engagement.

Classroom tracking is as essential to CME program success as learner engagement monitoring. The right CME tracking software will allow you to view learner progress at various points in your programs lifespan. Valuable data, from user platform activity to course completion rates over time, should be readily available and easy to view.

A Powerful Classroom Tracking Function is Essential to Uncovering How User Experience is Impacting Educational Outcomes.

Here are some of the classroom tracking aspects you should look for in your CME management software:

  • Compare one learner assessment to another at an aggregate level, by question response, or per individual.
  • View the completion status of users in each course phase.
  • See progress by course credit, assessment score, or course interactions by the learner or learner group.
  • View the real-time impact of new content on learner performance with interactivity analyses.

Classroom tracking that drives consistent educational outcomes requires in-depth data exploration. It would help if you had software that reveals shifts in learner engagement, allowing you to course-correct before it impacts knowledge retention and course completion rates.

EthosCE is an enterprise-grade platform that provides data analytics that gives context to program and learner information, empowering evidence-driven strategy.

Your CME Tracking Software is Useless Without the Right Data Analytics Suite Behind It

EthosCE makes data accessible through customizable dashboards, allowing you to track what you want, the way you want.

EthosCE Analytics gives you enterprise-grade analytics features that allow you to streamline your strategy-building process. Advanced data notifications will enable you to automatically update stakeholders in your organization whenever critical-data changes and communicate new information with real-time data and time-saving visualizations.

Here are some of the data sets you can monitor:

  • LMS engagement times for new and returning learners. When learners frequently pause during an activity or take extended breaks that last for days, your curriculum content may not be engaging enough to hold their attention, or they may require on-page help with navigation.
  • Learner email responsiveness. Disengaged students don’t respond to course emails. The ability to send customized notifications to get learners back on track is critical to supporting healthy course completion rates.
  • Positive and negative learner feedback regarding course content over time. If there is a marked increase in negative feedback from new learners versus repeat learners, there may be user experience issues with new course content or a poorly designed on-boarding process to blame.
  • Course completion rates segmented according to demographic or other learner attributes. Give special attention to populations at risk of facing difficulties with new or challenging material (like recent graduates taking their first CME course). Signs that learners are struggling with the content should be met with immediate intervention through an update to activity design.
  • Self-reported educational outcomes improvement during your CME program’s timeline. Are your new learners achieving more of their goals over time than your first learners? If you don’t see significant improvements in self-reported educational outcomes, then it’s time to look at your historical data to find points of weakness in your content or user experience. The ability to easily update key course components and remove content that isn’t working is essential when reviewing your course data.

You Need More than Just Improved Course Data Access.

EthosCE provides comprehensive support and training from day one, helping you get the most out of your LMS.

Course tracking software is an essential element in your CME toolkit, but alone it can’t help you guide your organization to reach its full potential as an education provider without support.

EthosCE empowers you to provide superior educational experiences and maintain user engagement over time with an all-in-one data analytics and CME management system that pushes the boundaries of the traditional LMS.

With EthosCE you have all the tools you need to scale at launch. Every feature we provide is designed to work seamlessly, regardless of class size. Ready for enterprise-grade CME tracking software that can help you do more by manually managing less? Get an inside look at EthosCE in action.