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Reaching the Best ROI from Your CME Software

Reaching the Best ROI from Your CME Software

Regardless of how easy your CME software is to use or how attractive the user interface is, if it doesn’t provide a significant boost to your overall ROI, then your organization is not reaping all the benefits it can. In this post, we’ll examine how to reach the best ROI from your CME software and what to do if your current platform isn’t pulling its weight.

The 3 Features You Can’t Afford to Compromise On

Your ability to get the best ROI from your CME software is a direct reflection of your prospects for getting a healthy ROI for your entire CME program. That’s because the quality of your software determines the scalability of the structure of your CME program as a whole. Amplifying your opportunities to gain the best ROI from your CME software means you need to get the right features at launch. While a CME program sales person might suggest that a cool landing page color scheme or animated transitions during an activity are noteworthy, the features that really matter drive growth and improve user experience in tangible ways.

Here are three key elements that no growing CME program can go without Strong data management and analytics features administrative task automation, an agile curriculum structure.

Let’s break these down one by one:

1) Data management and analytics

As a CE director, your mastery of your data is your secret weapon. It allows you to build brilliant curriculum strategy, provide creative parameters for marketing campaigns, and optimize your budget to provide exceptional learning experiences without overtaxing human resources. The actionable insights gleaned from your learner and program data are the basis of the evidence-driven decision-making that your organization relies on to continue its success. If your data has not been cleanly derived or is incomplete, then your strategy, managerial processes, and your curriculum choices may be based on information that at best, may do little to drive ROI, or at worst, may damage your program’s prospect for growth.

2) Administrative task automation

Time-consuming, critical administrative tasks can’t be avoided, and regardless of how many times you delegate them, you will always spend a significant amount of time verifying that the job was done, and that the quality assurance process met your standards. That time spent ensuring that administrative tasks were completed is a waste of a limited resource—your workday. Administrative task automation allows you to shift the burden of task management to a capable digital platform designed to work flawlessly and with efficiency at high volume. Whether you have a few hundred or a few thousand students, automating tasks like emails, reminders, assessment feedback, and course progress notifications means that your hands can no longer be tied by a sudden influx of busywork when enrollments increase.

3) An agile curriculum structure

One of your biggest challenges as a CE director is keeping up with the changing needs of a diverse audience of learners. When your data reveals that your current content is failing to promote knowledge retention for a specific segment of users, then your platform should allow you to easily add new content tools, such as video or a webinar option, to existing activities. If it doesn’t, then your organization may face significant expense and a lengthy wait working with a developer to integrate new features to your platform (or purchasing add-on services from your provider). The effortless way to get the best ROI from your CME software is to start with an enterprise-grade platform that allows you to build your program with all of the features you will need to scale on day one.

A generic LMS will not provide the features you will need to grow successfully.

Are you getting the best ROI from your CME software?

Do I have frictionless access to all of my learner and program data through a single dashboard?

Streamlined data access is important, as hunting for individual or aggregate data sets is time-consuming and slows workflow.

Is my data cleanly derived?

Your platform should pull data directly from your LMS, allowing you to avoid human error in data entry as well as the time commitment and technical expertise required to fully process and safely warehouse data.

Are data-driven insights simple to compile and share across the organization?

An enterprise-grade platform takes into account the possibility that the number of stakeholders who will need access to program insights may grow. Your CME software platform should allow you to generate and share insights quickly across your entire organization. Learn about data visualizations.

Can I automate time-intensive, repetitive tasks?

From welcoming emails to payment reminders to post-assessment feedback, your CME software should be able to easily handle critical tasks that often drain personal productivity and upend staff workflow during busy periods. Your platform should offer complete control over the tasks that you automate, allowing you to customize email templates and notifications while enabling you to schedule bullet items in advance to keep your program running smoothly.

Is my content adaptable to the changing needs of my learners?

Providing the kind of content that your learners need when they need it is essential to winning their loyalty. From video to animation to live streams to interactive webinars, your platform should make innovative curriculum development simple.

How an Enterprise Grade Platform Drives ROI

Getting the best ROI from your CME software means that your platform saves you money, time, and enhances both user and educational experiences for your members. Despite the crowded LMS market, only one type of CME platform can provide the features that you need to grow your program sustainably.

Data management, administrative task automation, and agile content options are essential for your organization’s success in CME.

EthosCE provides enterprise-grade features with the comprehensive support critical for growth-focused CME programs. Our platform is intuitive and built for easy self-service access, reducing the need for tech support for low-complexity issues. We help you streamline operations and develop innovative curriculum components easily, providing you with the foundation for long-term success. Isn’t it time your software earned its keep?

If you would like to learn more about EthosCE and how you can reach the best ROI, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough today!