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How the Right Tech Partner Helps Accomplish CME Learning Objectives

How the Right Tech Partner Helps Accomplish CME Learning Objectives

Whether your CME program is new and developing, mature and established, or growing rapidly, the technology that you use to deliver your continuing medical education is one of your most critical partners for success. Having a tech partner that understands the objectives for your learners and courses makes your work easier and can contribute to better outcomes in CME learning objectives and your CME program overall.

Improved experience for learners

Learner experience is key to helping your program to achieve its CME learning objectives. As the leading learning management system for medical associations, academic medical centers, and medical education companies, EthosCE has designed its platform to support learners throughout their CE experiences.

If your objective is to increase learner engagement, EthosCE offers the ability to customize welcome emails and remind them of course schedules and necessary tasks for completion. EthosCE also supports dynamic content creation, including multimedia content using applications like Adobe Presenter, Captivate, and Articulate. This type of dynamic content can promote direct learner engagement. Instructors can embed content in their courses that support group learning and can even help “gamify” the learning process with leaderboards and recognition for learner participation.

Learners appreciate personalized reminders and intuitive, easy-to-navigate course design, all elements that EthosCE supports. If your courses incorporate live or virtual events with online course material, EthosCE makes it easy for your courses to have a seamless and successful integration.

Support for course instructors

One contributing factor to the problem of CME courses getting stale or ineffective is an outdated learning management system. CME instructors can get the support that they need to keep their courses fresh and up to date using EthosCE.

ACCME guidelines call for frequent updates and innovation in instruction, so CME program directors need a tech partner that’s innovative and responsive. EthosCE makes it easy for instructors to satisfy ACCME guidelines for innovation. The system enables multiple assessment tools, including multiple-choice, essay, and true/false questions.

Multimedia questions are also supported, along with follow-up assessments that instructors can include with varying time intervals. Instructors can also save time by importing their courses from common software, including TinCan and SCORM. Once they find a course format that works, instructors can benefit from course set-up wizards that are easy to use and intuitive. EthosCE also includes more in-depth and flexible options for power users.

In general, a cloud-based learning management system can help instructors maintain their courses and work with learners. For continuing medical education, instructors need a cloud-based LMS that is designed to support their needs and the needs of their learners. Whether your program provides continuing nursing education or is based in a clinic or healthcare system and even if you’re working with patient education, EthosCE provides an LMS that is time tested and refined by instructor and learner feedback. With a clean interface that can easily be branded for your program, EthosCE has the support that your instructors need to reach learners and engage them.

Easy-to-use administrative tools

CME administrators have a strong partner in EthosCE because the platform is designed to support all CME program administration functions. From self-service course certificates to complete options for customization and branding, EthosCE makes repetitive jobs in program administration obsolete, allowing administrators to focus on building their programs and achieving measurable outcomes and success.

EthosCE provides outstanding training and customer service to ensure that your CME program will achieve its goals and key performance indicators. Outcomes measurement is crucial to your ongoing CME program growth and success, and EthosCE understands your needs and provides the technical support you need.

In addition, EthosCE makes administrative reporting tasks for continuing medical education as smooth as possible with PARS-complaint reports. The LMS integrates seamlessly with ACCME web services, including ABIM, ABA, and ABP MOC 2 programs. EthosCE offers complete CME tracking lifecycle management. Credit reporting is automatic, saving you time and eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets or add-on database systems to track reports.

It’s challenging to improve learner satisfaction and engagement if you haven’t measured a baseline first, and EthosCE can provide the data and reports that you need in the process of identifying and demonstrating good learner engagement and positive course outcomes. EthosCE provides a suite of analytics tools and a robust reporting engine. If you are interested in implementing additional strategies to identify outcomes and measure progress, EthosCE can provide consulting services and is glad to work with you to make strategic recommendations and establish a robust methodology to improve learner engagement and achieve your CME learning objectives.

EthosCE can’t identify all your CME learning goals, but it can be a strong partner in helping your CME program achieve the objectives that it has established to engage learners and provide the highest quality continuing medical education.

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