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A Cloud Based LMS Comparison for Healthcare CE - What to Lookout for

A Cloud Based LMS Comparison for Healthcare CE – What to Lookout for

The thing that matters most to your organization is how a cloud-based LMS will help your program grow and engage its learners. In this post we’ll take a look at the must-have features that your program needs from its LMS.

Data, Data Everywhere: You Need to Harness Your Data, Not Drown in It

With a generic LMS, you’ll find yourself drowning in user and program data without the tools to manage any of it. Never mind harnessing the power of user insights to guide marketing strategy and curriculum development. It isn’t unreasonable to expect your cloud LMS to do the heavy lifting when it comes to data collection, warehousing, and analytics, but the average cloud LMS platform wasn’t built to provide enterprise-grade features.

Cloud Based LMS Comparison

Generic Cloud-Based LMS

  • No advanced data management features
  • Manual data entry
  • Manual data transfers
  • No interoperability with other business software platforms

Enterprise-Grade Cloud LMS

  • Seamless data collection, warehousing, and analytics management
  • Automated data collection and distribution
  • Interoperability and custom integrations with leading business software platforms
  • Customizable admin dashboards allowing you to view insights on historical and real-time data at a glance
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Why does control over your data matter so much?

Because it’s your program’s roadmap, showing you evidence-driven insights on where your current business strategy is succeeding (and falling short) and where your current path is leading.

Data management services are indispensable. A frictionless user data management and analytics service is critical for the development of successful educational and marketing strategy.

If you’re missing out on utilizing the power of your data to guide decision-making then you’re building strategy on intuition and guesswork. That isn’t always a bad thing, and it can work, but no organization can afford to miss any competitive advantage, especially when it’s so easily available to you (with the right LMS platform).

Without enterprise-grade features organizations face mounting expense and productivity drain as they grow.

Say Goodbye to Busywork: A Generic LMS Won’t Lessen the Load

Administrative task automation is a time-saver that helps organizations maximize their productivity.

Administrative tasks aren’t anyone’s cup of tea, but their seamless completion is crucial to the success of your program. They are also just as time-consuming and monotonous as they are frequently soul-killing. It’s doubtful that anyone on your team would say that they benefit from doing repetitive tasks that could easily be automated. When your program grows, as you well know, so will your administrative burden. A generic LMS platform, if it could, would offer sympathy but no solutions.

Cloud Based LMS Comparison

Generic Cloud Based LMS

  • Repetitive, low-complexity tasks can’t be automated
  • Critical administrative tasks can’t be scheduled ahead or monitored for quality assurance from the admin
  • Time-intensive administrative duties (like bulk enrollments and transcript creation) are handled through manual data entry and spreadsheets

Enterprise-Grade Cloud Based LMS

  • Bulk import for critical user data
  • Automated import for registrations, transcripts, and course data
  • Demographic and learner behavior insights accessible from the admin, adding context to learner profiles
  • Advance email and notification scheduling

Critical administrative tasks become drains on productivity as programs grow.

It Comes Back to Quality: Content is Everything

A growing CE organization needs a flexible curriculum structure that can meet the needs of a diverse audience of learners.

The quality of your curriculum determines the success of the CE program. The average cloud-based LMS will provide you with (surprise) average curricular tools. You’ll have the same content components as you might find on one of those $7-per-month website and hosting combo platforms. If your goal is academic excellence, you need something much more powerful in your arsenal.

The Takeaway: 3 Fast Facts

  1. Your Data is Your Secret Weapon. Without access to a platform that offers enterprise-grade data management services, your program will miss valuable insights as it scales. EthosCE provides streamlined data management and analysis through the EthosCE Analytics suite, empowering organizations to get the most out of their data.
  2. You Don’t Have Time to Waste Time. CE directors need a system that automates repetitive, time-intensive tasks. The EthosCE LMS concierge features provide automation for a range of tasks, from emails to report generation that saves time and reduces human resource strain.
  3. Quality Matters. EthosCE provides an intuitive, user-friendly LMS platform that is simple to update and offers a range of possible content types, from video to animation.

EthosCE offers the support and range of features no generic cloud-based LMS can match.

With EthosCE, enterprise level features are accessible to organizations of any size. We start on day one with comprehensive training and support, and we stay vigilant throughout our partnership. At EthosCE, we don’t n you the tools that you need to achieve success and then leave you on your own to figure out how to use them. Each step of the way, we’ll be there to help you effectively manage growth and deliver the exceptional learning experiences that you’ve promised to your students. Ready to escape the “Cloud Average”? View EthosCE in action.

If you are looking for a solid cloud-based LMS for your healthcare CE, feel free to reach out and schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!