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Healthcare LMS - What to Look for in the Right Provider

Healthcare LMS – What to Look for in the Right Provider

One size definitely does not fit all when it comes to selecting an LMS for healthcare industry organizations. A healthcare LMS must provide organizations with specific features that meet the demands of industry professionals. These features are generally not found on generic LMS platforms. Here’s what to look for:

5 Key LMS Features You’ll Need to Run a Successful Program

Looking for the lowest cost LMS may add to the costs of developing your healthcare industry educational program. From set-up time to the expense of add-on features, bargain LMS packages are rarely the best choice for educational directors. Here are five elements that you’ll need to support your program’s success.

1. Administrative Task Automation

From introductory emails to learner certificate creation, each critical administrative task that is required with new registrations can become the wrecking ball that destroys your team’s productivity and impacts your program’s prospects for future success. That’s because when your program scales, so will the burden of your administrative duties. Without an LMS that streamlines repetitive, time-intensive administrative tasks, a flood of new registrants can mean significant productivity drain for your team.

2. Customized Data Reports and Scheduling

Meetings are necessities, but as you know, not every meeting serves its stated purpose. You don’t have to call a meeting to reveal new statistics on your learners, but you can’t afford to have that data lost in an email chain. If you have EthosCE Analytics, then you have the option to automatically generate and schedule customized data visualizations and reports that are elegant and efficient. Not only can you verify that your data has been received with our reports, but you can save your meetings to discuss actionable insights. With our customizable data dashboards that show patterns across multiple data sources, you can point to relevant findings and potential solutions right from the admin panel of the LMS.

3. An Agile, Content-Focused Curriculum

Even the most advanced LMS can fail to provide value when the needs of learners diversify. An enterprise-grade platform like EthosCE offers you with the curriculum development tools to scale and update your content effortlessly. From adding video to animation to live streams and live event syncing, our LMS empowers a 360-degree learning experience for organizations of every size.

4. A User-Friendly Self-Help Structure

The best way to lose new learners is to frustrate them during their first “hiccup” using your platform. If that’s not your intention, it is wise to have a comprehensive, intuitive self-help system in place when launching your LMS. Your users shouldn’t have to hunt for help for answers to a fundamental question or worse, read a FAQ on how to use your troubleshooting guide! The EthosCE LMS provides a simple, user-friendly self-help system and an intuitive, user-experience focused interface design, to stop user revolt before it happens.

5. An Intuitive User-Interface

An elaborate color scheme and a cool animated menu can’t make up for poor user experience. Your LMS should be easy for learners to navigate and activities should be designed to accommodate human error and keep learners on track even if they are unfamiliar with online learning. If your learners are wasting time searching for their place after an accidental log out, or are having problems loading a video, they are losing valuable time and paying for a compromised learning experience. At EthosCE, we’ve built our LMS around the latest learning experience (LX) design principles, helping you to create activities that shift the focus towards knowledge acquisition and away from distractions.

Effective data management services are key to the success of any educational program, and the highly competitive healthcare industry requires growth-focused education directors to have complete mastery over their data sources.

Even with an extensive feature set, an enterprise-grade healthcare LMS must offer comprehensive, on-going support for its users to remain of value over time.

3 Rules to Follow When Selecting Your Healthcare LMS Platform

1) Choose a platform that offers a comprehensive feature set that helps any program scale easily. The LMS is the heart of the educational program, determining everything from user satisfaction to program longevity. Bargain hunting is smart for retail shoppers, but an LMS is too important to shop for by price, rather than features. A generic LMS may offer a rock bottom subscription price, but you will pay a high amount for important add-on features. Discovering the negative impact of missing features (like user-friendly content creation modules) after an educational program has launched can be a costly mistake, wasting resources and possibly alienating learners.

2) Look for an extensive data management system. An educational program’s data management process can support or sabotage an organization’s future success. Data management for education is an art and a science. Attempting to create a system with DIY methods will be a costly and high-risk undertaking. Education directors need an enterprise-grade LMS that provides seamless integration of data collection, warehousing, and analytics within a robust educational management platform.

3) Seek out a platform that provides consistent enterprise-level support. The most technologically advanced LMS feature set is worthless without ongoing support. EthosCE offers an enterprise-grade suite of data management, administrative, and curriculum development features designed specifically for the needs of healthcare industry educational programs. EthosCE’s exceptional support begins on day one, allowing education directors to focus on program growth.

Choose a platform that can grow with you – thinking about expanding your offerings with a podcast or a webinar? Are you looking to connect a live event with online learning? You shouldn’t have to purchase access to another platform to innovate. At EthosCE, we make advanced features a part of our LMS so you can focus on your next great idea.

It’s time to step up to an enterprise-grade LMS

Amidst all of the online hype surrounding LMS platforms, it is easy to overlook the critical ingredients necessary for a successful healthcare industry educational program when choosing an LMS platform. EthosCE provides a comprehensive suite of user-friendly tools that work together seamlessly. With ongoing support and powerful data management services, EthosCE is the optimal choice for growth-focused education directors seeking enterprise-grade features in their healthcare LMS.

If you would like to learn more about how EthosCE can benefit your business with the right healthcare LMS, feel free to schedule a free 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!