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Cloud LMS Solutions to Gain a Competitive Edge with Healthcare CE

Cloud LMS Solutions to Gain a Competitive Edge with Healthcare CE

Education directors that strive for a competitive edge must have access to a suite of tools that empower, sustain, and broaden rapid medical CE program growth. Finding the right platform in a field awash in cookie-cutter cloud LMS solutions can be a challenge.

Here are a few simple guidelines that can help education directors make the right platform choice:

5 Rules to Find the Right Cloud LMS

1) Choose a platform that is data savvy.

  • Data is an education director’s greatest resource when it comes to becoming and remaining competitive.
  • Your cloud LMS platform should make data scraping, warehousing, and analytics simple and virtually effortless. Why? Because clean data collection is key to the development of actionable insights that can drive successful marketing and learner engagement strategies.
  • EthosCE automates data collection and analytics, allowing education directors to focus on implementing evidence-driven strategy.

The EthosCE platform was also built to scale, making it just as simple to manage the data of a few thousand learners as a few dozen.

2) Find a provider that focuses on user experience for learners and clients:

  • User-experience is much more than an easy login process for learners and a long introductory email for clients. Your learners need an intuitive LMS that anticipates and compensates for human error, ensuring that the learning experience continues seamlessly even when mistakes are made. As a client, your LMS should be dead simple to manage and support should be readily available.
  • Choose an LMS that makes learners new to online education comfortable and engaged without having to consult the FAQ for support during the onboarding process.

The EthosCE platform was purpose-built for medical CE and offers features, such as easy integration of multimedia components, that help learners acquire and retain complex concepts more easily.

3) Look for a platform that was purpose-built for medical CE and that is designed to scale without additional development time requirements:

  • Your biggest challenge as you work to grow your organization is finding a platform that is sufficiently robust to meet the needs of your audience of healthcare professionals. The topics that your learners are studying are often highly complex and their time is precious. Your LMS should reflect that in its design: registration, navigation, and self-help should be frictionless.
  • Find an LMS that provides curriculum flexibility and easily reusable content components ranging from video to animation to user polls with real-time results reporting to webinars and live event syncing.

The EthosCE platform is focused on user experience for learners and organizations, with intuitive interfaces and comprehensive self-help making it simple to use and easy to scale.

4) Seek out an LMS that offers time-saving administrative task automation:

  • Critical, repetitive tasks like sending welcome emails and report generation can interrupt workflow and negatively impact productivity as your program grows.
  • Find an enterprise-grade LMS that automates administrative tasks for you, allowing you to focus on program growth.

5) Select an LMS platform that offers extensive technical support:

  • Technical support isn’t just nice to have it is central to the success of your educational program. Without “unmetered” support, you and your organization may face a series of challenges as your program grows without the tools that you need to scale efficiently.
  • At EthosCE support is more than just a handbook. It is comprehensive, ongoing, and tailored to the needs of your organization as your program scales.

Generic cloud LMS solutions won’t help your program stand out in a crowded field. With the CE market growing every year, you’ll need every advantage to remain competitive.

5 Quick Tips to Get a Competitive Edge

1) Use your data like a Swiss Army knife.
With EthosCE, you have complete control over your data. The actionable insights available through our customizable data dashboards allow you to drill down from aggregate trends to individual learner challenges. You have access to a 360 degree view of your program’s impact. That means you can build evidence-driven marketing, development, and content strategy with a few clicks.

2) Make certain that your data is pristine.
EthosCE Analytics pulls program data directly from the LMS, as well as selected external data sources. You won’t have to worry about human error contamination or fiddle with multiple spreadsheets. That means your compliance reporting to regulatory bodies and your internal reports will be bullet-proof, allowing your team to focus on growth, not missing data sets.

3) View tech support as a partnership.
At EthosCE, we don’t give you a manual and send you on your way once you’ve joined us. We view our clients as partners and offer extensive support and access to all of the resources that you will need to grow from day one. When you pick up the phone, you’ll be able to reach us during normal business hours. We enable your growth and can provide you with additional add-on services, like curriculum development and web design as needed.

4) Innovate fearlessly using a suite of creative tools.
The “fearlessly” portion of the challenge may seem daunting, but with an agile LMS platform like EthosCE, you can easily add video, live streams, animation, and much more to your program activities without rebuilding your LMS (or even breaking a sweat). That’s because our platform was built for change. It allows you to easily add new content components to existing activities and you can remove them just as easily if you find your learners aren’t truly benefitting from the new addition.

5) Make sure your team is up to speed on your program’s status with regular reporting.
Creating reports is, let’s face, the opposite of “fun”, but generating data visualizations can actually be pleasurable. Why? Because our data visualizations are elegant, easy-to-understand, and can be generated with a few clicks. You can save your team (and yourself) time and frustration by sharing time-sensitive details via data visualization rather than creating a new report with every new update to critical data. Share insights and raw statistics in a format that leaves an impact. When your entire organization is up to speed on the latest data, the decision-making process becomes focused on applying relevant insights, not making the most of guesswork. (image of data visualization).

You can’t afford to rely on a generic cloud LMS solutions in this market.

An industry specific platform (out of dozens of cloud LMS solutions) can be difficult to assess, but EthosCE takes the guesswork out of purchasing new features by providing an all-in-one solution designed to grow as your program expands.

EthosCE support begins on day one and continues through the life of the program. Ready to step up to an enterprise-grade solution? Connect with us to learn how you can get the most out of your LMS.

If you would like to learn more on how to gain a competitive edge with Healthcare CE and utilize technology for the future, feel free to schedule a 1-on-1 walkthrough with one of our specialists today!