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Aptify AMS - Finding the Right LMS for Optimal Integration

Aptify AMS – Finding the Right LMS for Optimal Integration

Looking to give your Aptify association management software (AMS) a boost as you launch your CE program? Look for an LMS that does the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus on member services. Without the right LMS, your best efforts and providing top-tier user experience and superior educational content may go to waste. A poorly designed LMS that doesn’t help your organization become more productive can become a barrier to customer service excellence.

In this post, we will show you the best way to determine if an LMS is the best fit for your Aptify AMS.

What are “Enterprise-Grade” Features?

Before we go any further, let’s define our terms. While many LMS systems may offer a range of useful features, only enterprise-grade platform capabilities facilitate and sustain long-term program growth.

Enterprise-grade features include comprehensive analytics, advanced learner and classroom tracking, and administrative automation. An enterprise-grade LMS platform also handles the critical tasks, like multi-source data collection and platform security monitoring, things most AMS platforms were not designed to manage.

With access to the right LMS, your Aptify AMS has a powerful operations ally, helping it scale effortlessly while providing the association and learning management services that you need through a single dashboard.

Step One: Ask the Right Questions About Your Potential LMS

What are our analytics, data management, and administrative needs as an organization?

Regardless of the current size of your association, you need to plan for growth. Choosing an LMS that does not offer the tools that you need to elevate your association’s capacity to scale is to ensure a significant period of stagnation: avoid this by amplifying your Aptify AMS platform’s strengths. When evaluating a potential LMS, ask yourself:

  • Will this LMS add user-friendly, powerful methods to my analytics toolkit, making advanced data exploration simple?
  • Can my chosen platform limit the possibility of entry errors through instant data collection directly from the LMS and select external sources?
  • Does my LMS make it simple to slice my data to view everything from aggregate user engagement trends across an entire program to individual learner educational outcomes in a single course?
  • Are tasks like sending email reminders, payment processing, offering post-assessment learner feedback, and bulk registration and transcript importing managed automatically by the LMS?
  • Are organization-wide administrative tasks controlled and monitored through a single dashboard?
  • Can historical and real-time educational outcomes be reviewed, transformed into data visualizations, and shared across the entire organization with a few clicks?

Your Aptify AMS is a workhorse that can only become more efficient and valuable to your organization with the addition of a powerful LMS.

Step Two: Know What Features are “Must Haves”

This is just a partial list of the features your organization ought to have to get the most out of your Aptify AMS:

  • Advanced scheduling for learner emails with customized content.
  • Automated learner feedback before, during, or after an assessment.
  • Bulk payment processing and order fulfillment.
  • Mass enrollment and transcript importing.
  • “Welcome” email generation.
  • Platform walkthrough page creation.
  • Support ticket management.
  • Member polling and learner feedback notifications.
  • Advanced notifications of changes in key data sets.
  • Automated data visualization generation from raw data.
  • Customized report templates and one-click distribution to stakeholders.

These are just some of the key features that will help your Aptify AMS deliver the most value to your organization.

Step Three: Choose a Custom Integration

One size never truly fits all, and an AMS-LMS integration is no exception. It is essential that your AMS-LMS integration is tailored to the specific needs of your organization. This is not something that you want to look up in a Wiki and manage on your own. The risk of data and productivity loss is too great.

Choose an LMS platform that handles the integration process with you, with on-site training and excellent support. Your AMS is a key component of your organization’s success, and a long, chaotic LMS integration process can create operational problems across your organization due to loss of data and codebase incompatibility.

Your association can’t afford to be offline while your web developer attempts to find a way to make two platforms “play nice” together. The unpredictability of systems not meant to work together can impact your team’s workflow and your learners’ experience on the front end of the LMS.

The bottom line? AMS-LMS integration is a project that should not be left to the nearest web developer (or even your best DIY efforts).

Want to Make Your Aptify AMS Even Better? Don’t Waste Time with Trial and Error.

EthosCE adds value to your Aptify installation by allowing you to delegate critical tasks to your our LMS platform as needed. Custom integrations with EthosCE allows you to get the most out of your AMS and your LMS without having to touch the tech side of things during transition. We also provide ongoing, comprehensive support that allows your Aptify AMS-LMS integration to scale beautifully. We help your AMS work at optimal efficiency regardless of how fast your organization grows.

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