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Jeremy Lundberg, CEO of DLC Solutions and EthosCE, honored with 2011 President's Award from Alliance for CME - EthosCE

Jeremy Lundberg, CEO of DLC Solutions and EthosCE, honored with 2011 President’s Award from Alliance for CME

We are pleased to announce that Jeremy Lundberg, CEO of DLC Solutions and EthosCE LMS, was recently honored with the “2011 President’s Award” by the Alliance for CME during their annual meeting in San Francisco.  The award acknowledges Jeremy’s leadership contributions in developing a formal strategic plan for the Alliance’s deployment of social media and emerging technologies.  As a result of his work with the Social Media Working Group, the Alliance’s Board of Directors created the “Emerging Technologies Committee” to further guide the organization.  Jeremy will be an active member of the new committee and he looks forward to working with his fellow members to execute on the strategic plan and recommendations provided to the Board.  We would also like to thank Jann Balmer, PhD, FACME, (Past President), George Mejicano, MD, FACME, (President), the Alliance for CME’s Board of Directors, and the membership for embracing Web 2.0 and social media as a requisite tool for healthcare professional education.

Below is one of the presentations that Jeremy gave at the 2011 Alliance for CME Annual Meeting. The presentation includes a toolbox of free social media tools and a step-wise methodology for creating a strategic social media plan for CME organizations using Forrester Research’s P-O-S-T Methodology.  Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.