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Announcing PresentME Podcasting - EthosCE

Announcing PresentME Podcasting

Podcasting is rapidly emerging as an attractive, cost-effective tool for medical education and training. In 2005, 29% of the over 22 million Americans who own an iPOD or MP3 device accessed a podcast from the Web; a number which is likely much higher when you factor in people who only listen to podcasts on their computer. Podcasting (combined from the terms “iPOD” and “broadcasting”) refers to the distribution of audio and video segments which people can subscribe and download to their computer or MP3-enabled devices.

Today, biopharmaceutical corporations, academic medical centers, and patient advocacy organizations alike are gravitating toward this technology to provide “just in time” learning to their audiences. DLC Solutions recently released PresentME Podcasting, our new podcasting platform developed specifically for medical education. In May 2006, we podcast 220 hours of lectures from the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. More recently, we worked with The Wellness Community and the Lymphoma Research Foundation to launch their respective podcasting initiatives for cancer patients and their caregivers.

PresentME Podcasting offers four unique benefits:

  1. Power of voice communication
  2. Personalization of learning
  3. Low-cost production and rapid distribution
  4. Time flexibility for learning

The broad adaptation of podcasting is expected to rise dramatically as the cost of MP3 devices decreases and the number of high-quality podcasts continues to expotentially increase.