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SCORM Compliant Training | EthosCE

Training for SCORM Compliance

SCORM may seem vague and unassuming, but it’s responsible for a complete transformation of the e-learning industry.

Before SCORM was developed, creating content for e-learning was a long, difficult, and expensive process. Much like the frustration of buying a Blu-ray when you only have a DVD player, the e-learning community was tired of content without common standards and specifications. Now, SCORM compliance is a standard feature for an LMS, but that still leaves us to navigate SCORM compliant training in order to take advantage of the features it offers.

Three SCORM Features to Include in Your Training

During SCORM compliance training you will showcase how to create SCORM courses that enable your CME LMS to comply with the various regulatory requirements of your industry and organization. SCORM packages support multimedia, are interactive, and contain graded assessments and other e-learning tools. There’s a lot to cover but these three are critical to include in your SCORM training

  1. Your training should include how to create SCORM packages that are interactive. Include features such as directing customers and learners to click on various elements, rendering dynamic text, and implementing various components such as exams, videos, and tests.
  2. Additionally, it is important to define a timeline for passing the course and component order. That way, the course is limited and organized, with the final exam at the end. You can create separate tests for each educational program, so you can track user results more cleanly.
  3. Instruction on how to add data visualization will make your SCORM packages far more user-friendly. Data visualization allows course participants to interpret their results and analyze statistics with ease. You can also implement report scheduling to automate a solution reporting system.

EthosCE is the industry-leading, SCORM-compliant learning management system designed to automate and modernize the delivery of continuing education in the health professions. We work closely with leading medical association, academic centers, and health system to optimize their technology infrastructure and create an easy-to-use and intuitive environment for learners and CME administrators alike. For more information about EthosCE, please contact us at 267-234-7401.


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