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Why use SaaS LMS? | Strengths of SaaS LMS

The Transformative Power of SaaS LMS

With the advent of cloud computing, the makeup of countless industries was completely transformed. One fundamental change that cloud computing brought forth? Software as a service (SaaS). Web-based software hosted on the internet provides accessibility, easy maintenance, and speed while eliminating the need for physical hardware or software

Although SaaS has quickly gained popularity in the wider market, Learning Management System buyers tend to be slightly wary of making the switch. This is largely due to the difficulty of making a complete LMS transition.

Transitioning to an SaaS LMS may seem unnecessary when your current LMS software is sufficient. However, web based LMS have many advantages which can powerfully transform your LMS experience.

What does Multi-Tenant Architecture Mean For Your LMS?

The primary benefit for SaaS learning management systems is multi-tenant architecture. What does this mean? Essentially, in a true SaaS LMS there is a single code base across all clients, rather than each customer application having separate code bases. Because of this single code base, all product upgrades, bug fixes, and new features are easily and automatically available to all eligible customers.

Multi-tenant architecture also gives you more control over your LMS. When properly applied, SaaS applications can be scaled up or down based on network demand.

Ultimately, the multi-tenant nature of SaaS will transform your LMS so it functions automatically and with greater accessibility. This will allow you more time and energy to develop better courses and provide assistance to your learners. Although the transition may seem intimidating or simply annoying, the rewards are well worth your effort. If you still have concerns about transitioning to SaaS LMS, contact us.

EthosCE is the industry-leading, SCORM-compliant learning management system designed to automate and modernize the delivery of continuing education in the health professions. We work closely with leading medical association, academic centers, and health system to optimize their technology infrastructure and create an easy-to-use and intuitive environment for learners and CME administrators alike. For more information about our EthosCE, please contact us at 267-234-7401.


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