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How Do LMS for Medical Systems Benefit CME Programs? - EthosCE

How Do LMS for Medical Systems Benefit CME Programs?

When considering a new management system for your practice, it’s critical to establish your organization’s needs and objectives first.

Common incentives for implementing a management system include reducing costs while improving the quality of service. Before deciding on a new program for your physician practice, evaluate which elements of your current model need improvement.

Designed to keep medical offices operating smoothly, physician practice management systems seek to facilitate practice management, optimize revenue cycles, and generate monthly reports all while integrating seamlessly with electronic health record systems. Before choosing a new management program for your practice, take some time to review these system standards.

Standards of Physician Practice Management Systems

Understanding the standards will help you determine what qualities best serve your practice. Physician practice management programs should include:

  • Securing patient demographics by collecting standard information such as age, gender, and health history.
  • Scheduling appointments and offering appointment reminders through automated email or text message.
  • Pre-registering patients by screening for insurance eligibility and benefits.
  • Determining patient’s financial responsibility at point of care, as defined by insurance policy.
  • Organizing and maintaining insurance provider lists to ensure continuity.
  • Executing billing costs and co-pays as determined by patient’s insurance provider.
  • Generating monthly reports for data regarding financial performance and patient financial history.

When searching for a new physician practice management program, don’t hesitate to ask vendors specific questions about the software attributes listed above. New software should lessen or resolve current problems you’re facing. Ask for a product demo to get a better feel for the live program.

While EthosCE doesn’t provide software for physician practice management systems, we know that part of the management process is keeping your physicians, techs, and nurses up-to-date with their continuing medical education credits. We provide learning management systems that can integrate with your physician practice management system to keep staff on track with their CME activities. For more information about how our services can contribute to your organization’s physician practice management program, please contact us at 267-234-7401.


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