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Lean on Me: Great Technical Support For Medical Association LMS

Any given organization owes a lot to the support staff; administrators make sure that everything is running smoothly and according to schedule.

Though it can be easy to forget, support jobs are just as important as the positions they assist. The same goes for an medical association LMS.

It’s easy to get distracted by all the features that continuing medical education tracking software may offer, and forget how important vendor support is to successful LMS administration.

Why Assessing Technical Support is Critical to Finding an LMS For Medical Associations

One of the worst problems for anyone (especially an administrator) who works with a CME LMS is negligent and ineffective support from the vendor. In fact, this is often listed as one of the top reasons to change your LMS as well as why your LMS fails to provide the services that you need.

Perhaps your current vendor takes days to respond to issues, simply points admins to self-help guides and materials, or needs to be contacted several times before any resolution can be made. Whatever the issue is, this lack of support can derail your system for days, costing you time, money, and, of course, stress and frustration.

That’s why, when you are choosing an LMS, it is important to consider the technical support the vendor will provide as much as you consider the various features that the LMS offers.

When you have narrowed down your list of LMS for Medical Associations, ask for references which shed light on the quality of support provided by the vendors under consideration. Additionally, be sure to question the vendor about their time frame of resolving technical issues and the methods available for contacting technical support.

Since it can be easy to stretch the truth, make sure that your questions are direct and specific, inviting the vendor to be honest and clear regarding the technical support that they provide.

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