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Bring Your Learners CME Up to Speed | EthosCE

Are you ready to bring your learners CME that’s up to speed?

Get started today by requesting a free trial of our EthosCE software—an industry-leading, award-winning LMS specifically geared to design, deliver, and track CME.

During your free, no-obligation trial period, you’ll receive a live, practical demonstration of the many ways EthosCE streamlines, automates, and improves CME.

You’ll also get ample time to explore and experience the platform’s benefits for yourself, including:

  • Seamless, branded integration with your organization’s network and websites, ensuring learners enjoy a smooth experience from start to finish
  • Reliable rewarding, recording, and reporting of the proper CEU credits—CE, CME, CNE, and more—to the ACCME and other appropriate accrediting bodies, saving you hours of manual entry and worries about accuracy
  • Automatic capture and customizable analysis of learner data and demographics, giving you more accurate insight into who’s participating and their outcomes
  • Scheduled reminder emails and follow-ups including assessments and surveys to ensure high levels of participation and a high ROI for your organization
  • Easy-to-use registration, transcript, curriculum tracking, and certificate management tools for learners, substantially decreasing your administrative workload
  • Speedy creation, importation, and distribution of courses and learning activities, allowing you to offer your learners more highly-relevant options in less time

All without any advanced technical knowledge or costly, cumbersome additional software required.

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