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Introducing: A Solution For Comprehensive Course Design - EthosCE

Introducing: A Solution For Comprehensive Course Design

If you want to improve your organization’s continuing education opportunities, check out our Free Course Design Demo. Our demo offers a preview of our LMS and will be an invaluable resource as you decide which features are right for your organization.

While exploring our Free Course Design Demo, you can:

  • Get a feel for the how the software works for both learners and administrators.
  • Visualize how the system can be adapted to meet your organization’s specific needs.
  • Evaluate LMS features offered by the program and choose which ones will work best.
  • Consider how your target audience will experience the LMS platform.
  • Receive expert advice from LMS creators.
  • Ensure that the program offers adequate instruction for effective course design.

As the industry-leading provider of continuing education LMS in health professions, EthosCE offers comprehensive instruction for crafting activities and full range e-learning courses. We want to help you make the best decision for your continuing education program, and we hope that our Free Course Design Demo will assuage your concerns. For more information about our offerings or to schedule your Free Course Design Demo today, please contact us at 267.234.7401.

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