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Why Choose An ACCME-Accredited Continuing Medical Education Provider? - EthosCE

Why Choose An ACCME-Accredited Continuing Medical Education Provider?

When considering a vendor to facilitate your organization’s continuing medical education, it’s important to research the requirements that ensure successful course outcomes.

For some courses, this may involve achieving specific credits or certificates. Those credits are only awarded if the CME vendor is recognized by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

The ACCME accredits continuing medical education providers after ensuring that a specific set of standards has been followed. Any ACCME accredited continuing medical education activities must align with the following requirements:

  • The CME is independent and produced without the influence of commercial interests. This includes full financial disclosure of financial relationships that offer commercial interest.
  • The CME is produced with valid content that addresses real-life concerns and ensures educational growth among learners.
  • The CME contributes to improved healthcare for both patients and communities by offering activities that address the needs of actively practicing medical professionals. This may include strategies to improve both physician competence/performance and patient outcomes through targeted instruction.

Accreditation Criteria is designed to promote leadership, collaboration, and systemic change in physicians. CME providers offering quality initiatives may even be rewarded with Accreditation with Commendation should these initiatives address, eliminate, or otherwise overcome obstacles to physician change.

Choosing The Right CME Provider

In addition to looking for a CME provider that is ACCME-accredited, it may be helpful to look for a provider that offers the following:

  • Support for various types of credits
  • Unlimited templates for certificate generation
  • Tools that incentivize commitments to change
  • Follow-up assessments
  • Automated attendance tracking via mobile phones

These tools directly support continuing education goals and can result in improved measurable outcomes.

At EthosCE, we offer learning management systems that streamline CME tools by combining the aforementioned features into a single, comprehensive learning platform. To find out more about our LMS or to request a product demo, please contact us at 267.234.7401.


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