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Using your LMS to Submit CME Forms

Sometimes it feels like the world revolves around compliance and accreditation, especially when you’re in the world of CME.

ACCME sets very strict regulations for accreditation which tightly govern associations and can cause stress for administrators as they struggle to remain compliant with all the CME forms and procedures.

However, the stress exists because regulation is so important. Without clearly defined standards for compliance and accreditation, continuing medical education could quickly fall into chaos. This not only affects the many medical professionals who want to grow in their field, but also the countless patients who rely on the medical industry for up-to-date and skilled care.

Unfortunately, all this means a lot of paperwork. Though, with the growth of LMS technology, tracking CME forms has become simpler.

Your LMS Should Make Submitting CME Forms Easier

Quality LMS technology has been a source of constant relief for association administrators. Every year, LMS technology develops, decreasing error and minimizing the amount of time spent manually inputting information.

One way your LMS helps is through the automatic generation and submission of CME forms, such as certificates or credit management. Your LMS allows you to customize your certificates and automatically awards them to learners upon completion of a course. Also, with a high-quality LMS, learners are able to download these certificates whenever they need, so they can always provide proof of completion.

Additionally, an LMS can award, track and manage CME credits, using PARS to track and submit the data to ACCME. Needless to say, it’s hard to beat the benefits of submitting CME forms through your LMS. Find an LMS that does this seamlessly and you’ll thank us.

EthosCE is the industry-leading, SCORM-compliant learning management system designed to automate and modernize the delivery of continuing education in the health professions. We work closely with leading medical associations, academic centers, and health systems to optimize their technology infrastructure and create an easy-to-use and intuitive environment for learners and CME administrators alike. For more information about EthosCE, please contact us at 267-234-7401.


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