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Building Successful CME with e-learning | EthosCE

Is your LMS moving you toward more successful CME, or holding you back?

Coordinating and administrating CME is already challenging. Your LMS shouldn’t add to the stress.

If you’d like to find out what sets an LMS that enhances CME apart from one that doesn’t, download your free PDF copy of our special report, Building Successful CME with e-learning: The Savvy Coordinator’s Checklist for Achieving Greater CME Outcomes with Less LMS Stress.

This brief resource offers practical guidance in choosing an LMS that will help you transform your organization’s CME for the better.

The practical takeaways from this checklist include:

  • Understanding what levels of instruction and technical support a truly capable LMS will make available.
  • Discovering why video and social media are indispensable ingredients in CME today.
  • Identifying concrete ways an LMS can (and should) demonstrate commitment to your program’s quality and growth.
  • Considering features that equip you to generate new revenue streams from your courses and learning activities.
  • Looking at three key questions to ask potential LMS vendors at the start of your search that will keep you from wasting your organization’s time and money.
  • Appreciating the critical first step in positioning your CME for success—until you take it, no amount of technology will help your learners grow as healthcare professionals.

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