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CE Broker Continuing Education | EthosCE

An LMS that Reports Continuing Education Credits to CE Broker

If you are a CME coordinator, then you are familiar with the large number of administrative issues involved in providing quality, accredited continuing medical education.

Many of these administrative issues involve remaining compliant with CE requirements in order to retain accreditation with the ACCME system. In order to remain ACCME-compliant, your organization must accurately track and report CME credits.

At EthosCE, we aim to make the entire CME process as administratively efficient as possible, which is why we have successfully developed and deployed a CE Broker module that streamlines continuing education credit reporting.

How our CE Broker Module Enhances the Continuing Education Experience

We understand how cumbersome it can be to manually track and report credits. That’s why we have designed a module that automatically reports eligible learner credits earned in EthosCE to the CE Broker system. If your learners need their credits reported to CE Broker, then our module saves you…

  • Time: You do not have to devote time to manually reporting credits or double-checking that all of the reporting is done properly. When credits are earned in EthosCE, you can trust that they have already been reported.
  • Stress: Keeping track of CME credits can be a nerve-wracking endeavor. However, with EthosCE, tracking and reporting credits is one thing that you, and your learners, no longer have to worry about.

In addition to CE Broker, we also provide ACCME PARS, CPE Monitor and ABIM modules. When you work with EthosCE, you can trust that credits are accurately tracked and automatically reported to the proper agency.

EthosCE is the industry-leading, SCORM-compliant learning management system designed to automate and modernize the delivery of continuing education in the health professions. We work closely with leading medical associations, academic centers, and health systems to optimize their technology infrastructure and create an easy-to-use and intuitive environment for learners and CME administrators alike. For more information about EthosCE, please contact us at 267-234-7401.


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